We Bare Bears Season 3 Finale Explained

We Bear Bears

Here’s a guide to what went down in the We Bare Bears season 3 finale. Cartoon Network has been the driving force behind some amazing animation shows, from the hugely popular Adventure Time to the critically acclaimed Steven Universe and – more recently – its reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. We Bare Bears, which aired its first season in 2015, is sure to join their ranks as a Cartoon Network classic.

The animation is the brainchild of former Pixar storyboard artist Daniel Chong and based on his webcomic The Three Bare Bears. It follows the adventures of three adopted bear brothers – Grizz (Eric Edelstein), Panda (Bobby Moynihan) and Ice Bear (Demetri Martin) – who live in San Francisco and try their best to fit into human society. One of their signature moves is the ‘bear stack’, which they form by standing on each other’s backs and use as their main way of getting around the city. Along the way, they meet various human and non-human friends like child prodigy Chloe (Charlyne Yi), internet famous koala bear Nom Nom (Patton Oswalt) and friendly bigfoot Charlie (Jason Lee).

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We Bare Bears concluded its fourth season in early 2019. Cartoon Network has yet to confirm whether it’s been renewed for a fifth season, but they did confirm a feature-length film – We Bare Bears: The Movie – was in production and that a spinoff series focusing on the bears as cubs was in development. The baby versions of the brothers have been seen before in several flashback episodes of the show that give Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear a bit of backstory. One of those episodes was the We Bare Bears season 3 finale “Baby Bears Can’t Jump”.

We Bare Bears Baby Bears Cant Jump

We Bare Bears is known for its references to 1990s pop culture and the season 3 finale is no different. Its title is a reference to the 1992 film White Men Can’t Jump and the guest star of the episode is 90s basketball legend Charles Barkley. In the episode, the bears play a game of basketball against a group of kids to win a pizza. They prove terrible at teamwork and are losing the game until Charles Barkley magically appears from a trading card Panda is carrying around. Barkley teaches them a few skills and some lessons in working together and Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear soon get the upper hand on their opponents.

The bears spontaneously perform a bear stack – the first time they’ve ever done it – to make a shot and end up winning the game but kindly share the pizza with the kids. “Baby Bears Can’t Jump” might seem like a cutesy flashback episode but the We Bare Bears season 3 finale is more important than it first seems since it shows the origin of their signature move.

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