WB Needs To Make More Superman Movies, Says Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith feels that WB shouldn't stop making making Superman movies. Warner Bros. recently announced that they had no new Superman films in development and it was reported that they were instead shifting their focus to Supergirl. The Clerks director feels that this would be a mistake. He is a passionate DC fan, who has helmed multiple Arrowverse episodes. Smith also penned a script for the canceled Tim Burton project, Superman Lives, which was set to star Nicolas Cage in the titular role.

There has been much speculation about the future of the DCEU, Superman in particular. After his planned Shazam! cameo fell through, it was reported that Henry Cavill’s relationship with Warner Bros. was coming to an abrupt end. The actor’s agent refuted this claim and Cavill responded with a very cryptic Instagram post. Warner Bros. did issue a statement that no decisions have been made in regard to Superman films, but neglected to mention whether Cavill was in or out as the Man of Steel.

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Kevin Smith revealed his feelings on the lack of plans for Superman during his YouTube series, Fatman Beyond. The auteur stated:

“That’s a mistake. I think you need to keep your big guy vital. This is the very first superhero ever created, the ‘king of the superheroes’ if you will, the one that paved the way for everybody else. While we’re in this amazing era, this renaissance of comic book movies, don’t leave your best guy on the bench. Just f**king hand it to somebody who’s going to make it what everybody knows that character to be. The character’s a symbol of hope, man. Like, go back and watch 10 minutes of the Christopher Reeve Superman and use that as the DNA for what they do going forward. It’s not about some Christ parable, or he’s this f**king alien from another world, he’s just a good f**king dude. It’s that simple. You can make a movie about a good f**king dude.”

Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel

Smith continued, comparing the straightforwardness of Richard Donner’s approach to the DCEU’s more complex characterization of Superman. The director was also clear on his opinions of recasting the role, discussing the possibility of a new actor taking up the mantle. Smith feels that “there are a lot of other people that can wear that cape," but whether Cavill is continuing or not, there should be plans for another Superman movie.

Smith raises many interesting points about the Last Son of Krypton. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that no actor has been as successful in tackling Superman as Christopher Reeve (on the big screen, at least). Although feelings on subsequent installments weren’t always positive, Donner’s Superman remains a classic of the genre. Bryan Singer’s 2006 Superman Returns was basically a love letter to that film, but it brought nothing new to the table. Despite Brandon Routh’s strong performance, the film failed to connect with audiences. Zack Snyder brought a different sensibility to the character, but still couldn’t manage to deliver the Superman that the majority viewers were waiting for.

DC certainly needs a Superman. Cavill has come to define Supes for the past five years and three films, so many fans are hoping that he will continue to do so. However, there has been much discussion about who could step into Superman’s red boots if Cavill is indeed no longer wearing them. Arrow star Colton Haynes nominated Matt Bomer to portray the Man of Steel moving forward. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. was rumored to be eying Michael B. Jordan for the role. The future of the DCEU's Superman remains uncertain, but removing him from the equation completely could prove catastrophic for DC’s universe.

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Source: Fatman Beyond

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