WB Producer Accidentally Predicted Justice League's Production Woes

Justice League producer Wesley Coller accidentally predicted the future of the movie's Frankenstein production behind the scenes. Now that Justice League has been on the big screen for a few weeks, people have begun to digest the less-than-ideal reception from critics and the disappointing box office, and we know that that there are a lot of unknown factors that contributed to the film's flawed final result. The project was marred by controversy all the way from the start with countless rewrite rumors and the bad rap kept going until even after the film has already hit theaters.

Its tumultuous production process has been well-documented, perhaps a little bit too much, proving the massive interest that every comic book fan, DC or otherwise, have on this film. After all, this is the Justice League, DC's premier group of superheroes that includes iconic pop culture characters like Batman and Superman. While the film means different things to a lot of people, for Warner Bros., it is the next step towards their franchise-building attempts. Unfortunately, it did not quite live up to the hype. The movie was heavily criticized regarding a lot of elements such as its thin plot, weak villain, and the poor VFX especially when it comes to Henry Cavill's CGI-removed mustache, which ended up overshadowing the team having great dynamic.


As part of his commentary on the latest DC epic included in Justice League: The Official Collector's Edition, Coller was asked to explain the gist of the movie. Ironically, while he perfectly describes the core story of Justice League, what he says also applies to what happened behind-the-scenes with Justice League taking a massive change in direction late in production, although maybe not to the same level of success as the producer suggests.

"I think the Justice League story is about the fact that it's never too late. It's never too late to reinvent yourself, it's never too late to go back and reexamine the path you've been down. It's never too late to think about things in a different way, or to change the lens which you're seeing the world through."

As days go by, we learn more about what went down behind-the-scenes during the movie's production. On top of the clashing directing styles of Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon (who took-over during the extensive reshoots), it's no secret that Warner Bros. also had a hand in the ensemble film, making it a three-way tug-of-war with the end product suffering greatly. The final product, unfortunately, felt truncated and unfocused -- a shame, considering the huge potential that it had in terms of launching the DC Film universe to a more stable place.

At least now we know that the League members do work well with each other, both on and off screen. If anything, the cast's chemistry is the film's crowning jewel. Sadly, we really can't say the same thing with the folks behind-the-scenes. It's even a miracle that Justice League turned out to be a decent movie granted everything that it has gone through, but undoubtedly, it could have been way better if some things have been done even just a bit differently.


Source: Justice League: The Official Collector's Edition

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