Wayward Sisters’ Tone Won’t Be ‘Drastically Different’ From Supernatural

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The tone of the upcoming Supernatural spinoff, Wayward Sisters, won’t be too different from what fans have come to expect from nearly 13 full seasons of Sam and Dean Winchester’s monster-hunting adventures. The first spinoff, Supernatural: Bloodlines failed to make the right impression on both audiences and the decision makers at The CW, but the network is hoping the women-led action-horror series will find success, and one of the ways they aim to achieve that goal is by mostly sticking to a tried-and-true formula.

Fans get their first glimpse at the spinoff in the Supernatural midseason premiere, which is aptly titled, ‘Wayward Sisters.’ The episode works as a backdoor pilot for the series and, while also being an episode of the original, manages to stick fairly closely to what fans know and love about the show.

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The peek into the plans for the spinoff comes from series co-star Brianna Buckmaster, who fans will recognize as Sheriff Donna Hanscum. She’ll be joined by Patience (Clark Backo), Jody (Kim Rhodes), Claire (Kathryn Newton), and Alex (Katherine Ramdeen) as a new group of hunters who sometimes work in conjunction with the Winchesters. As Buckmaster mentions, keeping the show close to original is part of the plan, but Wayward Sisters will still have its own way of doing things.

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“I think that it's very similar in tone. I wouldn't say that it's a drastic change other than it literally is coming from a female point of view. But I don't think that in tone it's really significantly changed. The stories are still in the same vein of Supernatural so I don't think it's going to be this huge shift for the fans. It's going to be just slightly heightened.”

One of the things that makes the series so appealing is that it’s using several characters who are already established within the world of Supernatural, and who already have a rapport with Sam and Dean. For her part, Buckmaster has already appeared in several episodes of the series, going back as far as season 9. That means Donna's history makes each subsequent team-up all the more fun to watch as their bond grows stronger.

“I think it grows because we now have a stronger connection. I think when they first met Donna they felt this need to protect her in a way, and they did but they also taught her ways to protect herself and to protect others, which made her stronger. As that grows she is creating a bond with the Winchesters because they're all hunters now. They're the king hunters and she's growing under them and I think that brings them a sense of pride and also gives them an ally. That relationship is just gonna keep getting stronger.”

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Supernatural continues tonight with 'Wayward Sisters' @8pm on The CW.

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