Wayward Sisters Won’t Be a Road Show Like Supernatural

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The upcoming Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sisters plans to keep the action and the story centralized in a single location, rather than send its characters off to explore the open road. Audiences will get their first glimpse during the midseason premiere of Supernatural season 13, which will bring back Sam and Dean Winchester and also Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen), Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton), Patience Turner (Clark Backo) and everyone’s favorite Minnesota-nice sheriff, Donna Hanscum (Brianna Buckmaster). The episode will act as a backdoor pilot for the new series, gathering the group of monster-fighting women and establishing the series’ setting.

That setting will be fixed for the most part, which will be one of the many ways in which Wayward Sisters aims to differentiate itself from Supernatural. But fans needn’t worry; the series will still have plenty of monster-fighting action to deliver, and since the story will be centered on a single location, plenty for the show’s characters to explore and discover.

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That much was made clear by Buckmaster, who discussed Wayward Sisters during a recent visit to the Supernatural set attended by Screen Rant. The actor touched on what the plans for the series are and how staying put in a single location means more opportunities to create a community of characters within the show. Buckmaster said:

“From what I know they do want to centralize it in one spot. And I think that's kind of exciting. I was talking a bit to Kim Rhodes a bit about it and we think it's kind of exciting the people you can you meet in a town, the people that can come to town, that leave town. I think there're all sorts of opportunities that we didn't get to discover because Supernatural is a road show. But I don't know, I genuinely don't know how they're going to bring in the monsters or put the monsters in one space, but I think it creates an enormous opportunity to develop a lot of relationship that will keep the viewers enticed and loyal and empathetic and emotional about these bonds that will be created and broken inevitably because it takes place in such a small town. So I think it's exciting.”

With monster, ghost, or demon-slaying all part of the weekly Supernatural diet, Buckmaster is on to something with regard to how the creators plan to bring in supernatural adversaries for the women to combat. That’s part of the challenge of creating a new series, but one that makes the idea of Wayward Sisters intriguing: finding ways to make the show a part of the Supernatural family while also making it a distinct product on its own.

For now, the closest fans will get to the spinoff is in the aptly titled backdoor pilot ‘Wayward Sisters.’ Hopefully there will be more news on the series soon enough.

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Supernatural continues next Thursday with ‘Breakdown’ @8pm on The CW.

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