Supernatural Spinoff First Look Images: Wayward Sisters Unite

The first images from forthcoming Supernatural spinoff series, Wayward Sisters, are finally here. Supernatural producers have tried several times to launch a series focusing away from central brothers Sam and Dean Winchester and after misfiring with Bloodlines, have assembled some of the franchise's most popular (alive) female characters for a backdoor pilot, with the intention to go ahead and launch a full series of female-fronted mythological butt-kicking.

Confirmed as central characters in the spinoff are Supernatural veteran Kim Rhodes as the Winchesters' surrogate mother-figure Jody Mills, Briana Buckmaster as hapless but well-meaning cop Donna Hanscum, Katherine Ramdeen as former vampire slave Alex Jones and Kathryn Love Newton as the daughter of Castiel's vessel, Claire Novak. The girls will be joined by Patience Turner (a character who debuted in a recent Supernatural episode) and Kaia Nieves (who will appear in this week's episode) to form a group of young girls adopted by Jody who end up taking on the various undead, bloodsucking, black eyed nasties of the world.

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In anticipation of this new Supernatural venture, EW dropped the first batch of images from Wayward Sisters' forthcoming pilot. The selection features the central six women and also features several images of the Winchester brothers themselves getting in on the action.

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Although details surrounding the pilot's plot are scarce, it should be noted that all the girls appear to have been dragged into the hunting business, with even recently awakened psychic Patience sporting a nasty looking firearm. Other bits of information that can be gleaned suggest that Kaia will still be finding her feet among the group and Alex appears to have found a job in what looks like a medical facility. That's bound to come in handy. Piecing the images together, it also appears that both the Sisters and the Winchesters end up in the same creepy forest, although the boys look decidedly more troubled. Could it be that the famous brothers find themselves in a spot of bother and need to be saved by Jody and her girls? There are few better ways of successfully establishing a new group of hunters as a force to be reckoned with.

Some might argue that it's impossible for a Supernatural series to succeed without its central trio of Sam, Dean and Castiel and certainly, one look at the failed spinoff series Bloodlines from several years ago suggests that Wayward Sisters is far from a guaranteed hit.

However, Supernatural has spent several episodes setting up this new series and Wayward Sisters also has the distinct advantage of featuring characters fans already know and love, rather than a whole cast of unfamiliar faces. Of course, the spinoff will still need to deliver in terms of character chemistry and stories, two things that made Supernatural such a huge hit in the first place.

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The Wayward Sisters pilot airs January 18th on The CW. Supernatural season 13 continues with "The Bad Place" December 7th on The CW.

Source: EW

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