'Wayward Pines': This Is My Town

[This is a review of Wayward Pines episode 3. There will be SPOILERS.]


Ethan Burke remains an alien in an unknown world called Wayward Pines. Even with the arrival of some familiar faces, the secret service agent still has no clue what's in store for him.

The plot continues to thicken when Ethan's wife, Theresa, and their son Ben go looking for him. Their road-trip leads them right into the clutches of the devious Sheriff Pope.

Terrence Howard, as he does in so many other roles, stole the show this week with his loud proclamations that this (Wayward Pines) is his town. Ethan, who tends to be the irrational one, took notice of the hierarchy that exits in this small town. While there is still no indication of who exactly is on the other end of those infamous phone calls, we do know that they're probably pulling the strings.

Pope's growing frustration with Ethan stems from the fact that he has no power over the stubborn lawman from the big city. Wayward Pines may be a town that thinks it's better than everywhere else, but the now deceased sheriff proves that jealously, anger, and an overall lack of self control still exists in this tucked away society. Howard's absence will be missed, but in a miniseries consisting of only 10 episodes, there is little time to mourn the loss of a character, even one as charismatic as Arnold Pope.

Before Pope's early exit from the series, he informed Ethan that he had no idea what this was all about and that it is much worse than he could possibly imagine. Soon after, there are monstrous screams coming from a hatch that Ethan opened. Theresa had the good sense to tell her husband to get out of there, but the discovery of what's behind the curtain is something we'll have to wait for in a future episode.

With the puzzle of why the town of Wayward Pines exists is set in place, the question now becomes: Is the conclusion worth venturing toward? The best kind of mysteries are the ones where the mystery is not the central character. Thankfully, creator/executive producer Chad Hodge has adapted Blake Crouch's story in a way that is easily accessible to those who have not read the books. There hasn't been a single instance where this reviewer felt lost, or had a "Man, I should have read the books" moment. This story still has seven more hours to unfold its tightly woven plot, but it seems to be one that's worth the ride.

Times may seem dire for Ethan and his family, yet hope remains with characters like Kate Hewson, who for the last decade has gone along with the system, but appears fully aware of the mess that they are all in. For her, there is no other way except death. Weeds alum Justin Kirk made an appearance this week, and is referred to as simply the "realtor." Though he says very little to Ethan, the signs and gestures he makes could be considered friendly. Only time will tell.

Three episodes in and Wayward Pines is picking up the pace. Are you going to stay along for the ride and see how it all ends, or is the weight of the mystery surrounding the town overshadowing its inhabitants? Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Wayward Pines continues with 'One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire' next Thursday @9pm on Fox. Check out a preview below:


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