15Restore agency to the characters, especially the female ones

One of the biggest issues surrounding the third season was a storyline that fixated on The City of Light. With that story came one of the cardinal sins of television writing – removal of character agency. Instead of becoming more fully-realized and stronger characters, nearly every character this season had their

free will stripped of them, thanks to a mind-control chip and artificial intelligence program. This was especially problematic in terms of the female characters on the show. Female characters are notoriously underappreciated on television and are more likely to be used as tropes than their male counterparts. So multiple female characters – strong women – began to bend to the will of an A.I., there was a lot of (understandable) backlash.

In the upcoming season, hopefully The 100 will return to characters who are able to think and act for themselves, and writers cannot cover up character mistakes or weaknesses with a “mind control” trope.

Lexa Dies in The 100
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