15Wayne's World video games were all pretty bad

Wayne's World video game

It’s not uncommon for video game companies to try to capitalize on the success of a film but these attempts rarely result in worthwhile games. With the handful of Wayne’s World video games that were created, this was… most certainly the case because they’re all pretty lackluster. Some

movie plots just don’t translate to action/adventure game format and Wayne’s World was no exception.

The NES game was particularly weird and involved Wayne karate-kicking his way through bad guys while Garth’s mode of attack was a trusty laser gun. Don’t remember that part of the movie? Come on, everyone should remember the classic comedy scene where Wayne and Garth fight their way through a music store full of sentient musical instruments.

Injecting this sort of nonsensical action certainly wasn’t uncommon for video games at the time but strange when applied to a movie like Wayne’s World. Designers had to produce a playable game and-- as with a lot of games back then-- there were certain standbys to give a game more meat. It’s just a bit odd to see the protagonists in this instance having to deal with countless giant spiders.

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