How To Watch Watchmen's Season 1 Premiere Online

Who watches the watchmen - and how? Here's our guide to watching HBO's Watchmen season 1 online for US, Canada, and UK viewers.

HBO Watchmen Watch Online

Who watches the watchmen - and more importantly, how do they do it? HBO's Watchmen is set in the world of the graphic novel by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins, set 30 years after the events that readers are familiar with. Though show creator Damon Lindelof has said that it's not exactly a sequel, it is in keeping with the established canon of Watchmen and features at least one familiar character.

HBO has been criticized in the past for making its programs too difficult to watch legally, especially outside of the US, but the network has taken steps in recent years to make its shows more readily available. With streaming services like HBO Now and HBO Go (not to mention the upcoming HBO Max), you no longer need to have cable TV in order to watch HBO shows - Watchmen included.

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If you're ready to watch Watchmen season 1, here's our guide to when new episodes air and how you can watch them online - whether you're in the US, Canada, or the UK.

What Time Does Watchmen Season 1 Air?

Watchmen HBO Looking Glass Mask

Watchmen premieres on HBO on Sunday, October 20 at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT/2am BST, and will continue to air on Sundays at those times throughout season 1. If you can't watch new episodes as they air, you can always catch up the next day via streaming.

How to Watch Watchmen Season 1 in the US

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If you live in the US, you can watch Watchmen live as it airs on HBO if the network is included in your cable package. However, if you're a cord-cutter or simply prefer to watch shows on your laptop or mobile device, there are plenty of other ways to stream the series. You will need to have a HBO subscription or add-on of some kind. Here are the options:

  • HBO Go: If you have a HBO cable subscription, you can stream Watchmen on HBO Go at no extra cost. HBO Go is available on iPhone (and other devices), Android devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire devices, Roku, TiVo, Samsung Smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
  • HBO Now: If you don't have a HBO cable subscription, you can subscribe to HBO Now for $14.99 a month to access Watchmen and other HBO shows. There's a seven-day free trial available if you want to try it out first. HBO Now is available on the same devices as HBO Go (see above).
  • Amazon Prime Video with HBO add-on: If you already have Amazon Prime and are trying to minimize the number of different streaming services you have to log into, you can add a HBO subscription to your existing Amazon Prime account for $14.99 a month (like HBO Now, there is a seven-day free trial). The base Amazon Prime account costs $12.99, and offers a one month free trial. Amazon Prime shows can be watched online or via the app.
  • Hulu with HBO add-on: Similar to the Amazon Prime set-up, if you have an existing Hulu account you can add HBO for an additional $14.99 a month (a seven-day free trial is offered here too). Hulu subscription options start at $5.99 a month for a basic account. If you choose this option, you can watch Watchmen season 1 on all of the HBO Go and HBO Now devices listed above, and also on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Chromecasts.
  • Apple TV with HBO add-on: As of May 2019, Apple TV users can now also add a HBO subscription to their account for $14.99 a month. One of the major benefits here is that you can download episodes for offline viewing, something that isn't available through the separate HBO Now subscription.

How to Watch Watchmen Season 1 in Canada

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In Canada, HBO is available exclusively via the streaming service Crave, as part of the CraveTV+Movies+HBO package. Both the basic Crave account and the Movies+HBO package cost $9.99 a month, so the total cost is $19.98 a month. You can watch Crave on the website, and on iOS devices, Android devices, AirPlay, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Xbox and Apple TV.

How to Watch Watchmen Season 1 in the UK

Christine Amery Tom Misson and Jeremy Irons in Watchmen Season 1 HBO

In the United Kingdom, Sky Atlantic offers exclusive access to all HBO shows, including Watchmen. As in the US, there are both cable and streaming options:

  • Sky Go: If you have a Sky Entertainment subscription (£22 per month for a minimum of 18 months), you can watch Watchmen season 1 on Sky Atlantic and the Sky Go app.
  • NOW TV Entertainment Pass: This is the cheaper option at £7.99 a month, with a seven-day free trial. You can watch Watchmen episodes live as they air, or catch up immediately after. NOW TV is available on a huge range of mobile devices, set-top boxes, games consoles, and smart TVs, as well as in-browser. However, it is not currently available on ChromeOS devices.

Note: If you plan to watch Watchmen season 1 live in the UK, even via an online service, you need a valid TV license.

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