Watchmen Goes Viral

Seeing as how spectacularly well the online viral campaign(s) worked for The Dark Knight, it seems that Warner Bros. is being smart and trying something similar for Watchmen. There are a bunch of Watchmen-related websites out there and one of them has a strong resemblance to from the TDK campaign.

I don't know if Warner Bros. will go to the same extent as it did with The Dark Knight, which had somewhere around a dozen various websites associated with it, but they are trying to drum up some excitement on the web (isn't there enough already?) with a scattered bunch of sites for Watchmen as well.

Here's the list of what's out there so far...

Of course we have the main site for the film: This has been recently updated with additional character bios, avatars and wallpapers. It's also the home of the video production blog for the film.

Watchmen Official Website

The second site to pop up (as far as I know) was which is an interactive site where you can create a character-specific profile pic of yourself, grab a countdown widget to throw on your website, download wallpapers, screensavers, skins, etc. They'll also have iPhone apps coming soon.

I Watch the Watchmen website

Then we have where you can grab the code to add a countdown to the film to your website or blog.

Watchmen movie widget website

Most recently we have This site that reminds me of in both look and approach. This gives you a peek inside what seems to be a government file on the heroes in the film, with a 1950s look to it.

The New Frontiersman Watchmen site

In addition to these, by clicking on the images on the lower right at the site above you can also find your way to the following:

All the "New Frontiersman" sites are approaching the film as if it were real, much like the majority of TDK viral sites did. It's all pretty cool and just adds to the fun and anticipation of the film. Check them out and let us know if you find any "Easter Eggs" or come across new sites.

Watchmen opens on March 6, 2009 in regular theaters and IMAX.

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