Watchmen Timeline: Ozymandias Scenes Are Years Apart

Watchmen TV show creator Damon Lindelof says the scenes with Adrian Veidt aka. Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons) are set years apart from one another.

Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias in Watchmen season 1

Spoilers for those not caught up on Watchmen ahead!


Watchmen TV show creator Damon Lindelof says the scenes featuring Adrian Veidt aka. Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons) are set years apart. Leading up to its premiere, HBO did its very best to avoid spilling the beans about who Irons is really playing on the Watchmen sequel series. The news leaked all the same, but it did little to take away from the entertainment value of Irons' scenes on the actual show. In fact, the moments with his character are arguably the most darkly comedic, bizarre, and otherwise fascinating on Watchmen so far (which is really saying something).

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After playing coy for the first two episodes, Watchmen finally confirmed Irons is playing Adrian Veidt aka. Ozymadias in episode three, "She Was Killed By Space Junk". The show has since revealed he's being kept prisoner by a mysterious masked figure known as the Game Warden - more specifically, he's being kept prisoner on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, far away from earth. But as it turns out, he's actually been stuck there for much longer than you might've assumed.

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During an interview with Collider, Lindelof explained that Veidt was put on Europa in order to make it that much harder for him to escape than if he'd been left on earth. And it's apparently been working too, seeing as Lindelof claimed the scenes with Ozymandias in Watchmen season 1 are all set a year apart.

“What we’re learning about Adrian Veidt is that every installment that we get of the nine episodes, there’s only one episode where you don’t get a Veidt installment - the storytelling, he didn’t fit in there - but every other one you get [one]. And a year lapses in between each episode. It’s a story told on a very, very large canvas, each installment taking place on another anniversary of another year that he has spent wherever the hell he’s spending [it]."

Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt in Watchmen and Doctor Manhattan

The big question now is no longer where Ozymandias is being kept, but exactly how and by whom. Some fans are speculating he was put there by Dr. Manhattan, as a punishment for his actions in the original Watchmen comic book. This would also explain how Veidt's prison appears to defy the laws of physics and exists on Europa in the first place. (Only someone as powerful as Dr. Manhattan would be able to create such a strange place where, among other things, Veidt is able to grow an endless supply of clones in a lake near his mansion.) And if Ozymadias is eventually able to make his way back to earth (as he's trying ever so hard to do right now), that would further explain why Dr. Manhattan decides to take a break from living on Mars and return to earth at some point during season 1 - something its trailers have suggested will happen.

Veidt's increasingly erratic behavior from episode to episode makes more sense now too, knowing how long he's been stuck in his prison. He started off being eccentric enough in the first episode of Watchmen, but has only grown more desperate and determined to lash out violently since then, resulting in the gruesome deaths of countless of his cloned servants. This also accounts for the progress he's made over that time, having gone from catapulting his servants (and inadvertently getting them killed) into space to sending himself in the span of a couple episodes. And while he got caught and punished by the Game Warden for trying to break out in this week's episode, "Little Fear of Lightning", the odds are good he'll back at it again in a year from then.

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Watchmen continues with "This Extraordinary Being" on Sunday, November 24 on HBO.

Source: Collider

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