HBO’s Watchmen Official Trailer Begins To Explain The Rorschach Cult

Rorschach in HBO Watchmen TV Series

The Rorschach cult's plans begin to come into focus in the official Watchmen trailer for Damon Lindelof's HBO series. Based on the acclaimed Alan Moore graphic novel, Lindelof is set to tell a new tale in the Watchmen universe later this year. While fans have seen the original story adapted by Zack Snyder in 2009 for the big screen, Lindelof's series will be a continuation of the larger Watchmen story in some way.

Lindelof and HBO have been hesitant to confirm just how closely the series is tied to either adaptation. HBO recently appeared to accidentally reveal that Ozymandias is part of the story. Some other familiar elements of the world established by the graphic novel will appear, but the focus of the series is on Tulsa detective Angela Abar (Regina King). She works for the law, but also takes matters into her own hands when necessary and serves as a vigilante as well. This is needed in Tulsa as a cult based around Rorschach has risen up. The struggle for control is ever-present in the latest trailer for Watchmen.

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HBO released the new official Watchmen trailer, which offers the best look at Lindelof's series to date. At over two and a half minutes long, the trailer provides more insight into the story and its characters. There are teases to the backstory of Abar's vigilante ways, as well as some explanation of the Rorschach cult. Watch the trailer in its entirety below.

The trailer reinforces that the Rorschach cult, known as the Seventh Cavalry, is at war with the Tulsa police and are viewed as terrorists by local law enforcement. Chief Judd Crawford (Don Johnson) wonders why they are trying to start this war, which is something that is not answered in the trailer. But, they are spying on Abar and know that the police are aware of who is under the Rorschach masks and where they live. Even in an age of masks, it doesn't appear as though they are truly helping preserve any secret identities.

The Rorschach cult's war against the Tulsa police should once again allow Watchmen to be rich with thematic material. Just as how the source material tackled themes of patriotism, identity, and time, one of the subjects Lindelof appears ready to tackle is police and citizen relations. This has been part of an ongoing discussion in America and Watchmen may be primed to address it in some fashion. With important topics, great source material, and an incredible collection of talent in front of and behind the camera, it's no wonder Watchmen is one of the most anticipated shows of the fall season.

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Watchmen premieres Sunday evening, October 20 at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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