New Watchmen Trailer With Quantum Of Solace

I found this little nugget buried in an interview that Dark Horizons did with Watchmen director Zack Synder yesterday: There will be a brand new trailer for the uber-superhero movie attached to Quantum of Solace, opening on November 14th.

Over at DH, Garth Franklin did a nice interview with Snyder and here's the scoop on the new trailer:

While there's been glimpses of footage in San Diego, at these presentations, and during the Scream Awards earlier this month - there's only been one official trailer so far. The second however is on its way, attached to 'Quantum of Solace' in theaters next Friday. Snyder says "I just saw the final version of it this morning... it's a little bit more story, a teeny bit more like a full trailer. This is much more like 'someone's picking off costume heroes'. You'll get a sense of the characters plight you know, 'we were supposed to make the world a better place... what happened to the American Dream'." Some elements have had to be changed for the trailer, most notably Dr. Manhattan's exposed genitals have had to be 'defocused' to be granted approval by the MPAA. He also confirms a third trailer will hit early in the new year.

So if you weren't jazzed about seeing the next Bond movie, here's a little something to tip the scales.

Among other items revealed in the interview:

  • There are almost 2,000 effects shots in the film.
  • There is a (spoilery) description of the opening montage of the film (which I've heard is amazing).
  • Snyder talks about the music used in the film and how he came to choose specific pieces.
  • He also addresses the "giant squid" issue (this is from the ending in the comic and was not used in the film version).

The goal as far as running time is 2 hours and 42 minutes including credits - there will be a longer director's cut on DVD/Blu-Ray as well as an even longer one that will incorporate the side story "Tales of the Black Freighter." The longest version should run about 3 1/2 hours.

Oh, and here's a little bonus for you - a brand new poster for the film featuring Rorschach:

Rorschach Watchmen poster

For much more detail about the film and Snyder's approach to it head over to

Watchmen is scheduled to open on March 6, 2009.

Poster source: Yahoo! Movies

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