Watchmen Trailer Is Literally Breathtaking

[UPDATE: Click Here: The Watchmen trailer is online!]

Just a quick note to mention that I just had a chance to see the first Watchmen trailer - in IMAX no less, and it was FANTASTIC! It was shown before the screening of The Dark Knight that I finally had the chance to watch.

Usually I really do try to tone down the hyperbole, but this trailer was nothing short of amazing. I think for much of it I actually forgot to breathe - it was that amazing. I've been more than a bit perplexed to see very little commentary on posts here at Screen Rant related to Zack "300" Snyder's movie adaptation of the highly regarded graphic novel, but I have a feeling the trailer, which is attached to The Dark Knight opening this weekend, may finally get people talking.

The trailer shows all the major characters and they look great - including energy being Dr. Manhattan. We also get a very good look at Nite Owl's ship emerging from underwater. The cinematography for the film looks incredible and I am now totally fired up for the film without reservation.

Watchmen is currently scheduled to open on March 6, 2009.

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