HBO’s Watchmen Finally Reveals What The Point Is

After much misdirection and concealment, HBO's Watchmen finally reveals the face behind the curtain, the endgame and the truth about Will Reeves.

Hong Chau as Lady Trieu in Watchmen

HBO's Watchmen has finally lifted the lid on several of its biggest mysteries, while also revealing the main point of the series. Billed as a continuation of the original 1980s comic book by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen on TV is a far stranger and much more ambiguous proposition than either the comics or the 2009 movie adaptation directed by Zack Snyder. While Watchmen's story of vigilantism in an alternate United States has always been subversive and outlandish, Damon Lindelof's HBO series has reveled unashamedly in its uniqueness, keeping viewers in the dark all the while. The true identity of Jeremy Irons' character wasn't even revealed until episode 3.

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Prior to Watchmen's latest episode ("If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own"), the audience had little clue regarding Will Reeves, the enigmatic man in a wheelchair who apparently possesses super-strength and friends with giant magnets. They were also in the dark about Watchmen's main villain and weren't entirely sure who is fighting for good and which characters aren't to be trusted. As such, it seemed that Watchmen was deliberately obscuring the path to its endgame, and although no movie or TV series reveals its hand straight away, Watchmen hadn't even offered viewers an idea of the approximate direction its story was heading in, or what all of its mysteries might be building towards.

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Finally, Watchmen remedies that situation, and while there are still many questions remaining, the path forward for the remainder of the series and the overall endgame now seems much clearer. Firstly, viewers receive various answers concerning Louis Gossett Jr.'s character. A young Will Reeves opened Watchmen's series premiere and later returned in the present day as a man well over 100 years old. Despite being in a wheelchair, Reeves appeared capable of enormous strength and revealed to his granddaughter, Regina King's Sister Night, that a grand conspiracy was underway.

Watchmen HBO Millennium Clock

Watchmen's fourth episode shows that Will is backed by Lady Trieu - the trillionaire who purchased Adrian Veidt's business empire following his supposed death. Will is also perfectly capable of walking unaided, and it's strongly suggested that this is thanks to pills provided by Trieu, who has a background in pharmaceuticals. This drug is perhaps also responsible for Will's apparent lack of aging, and a batch of the pills has now been passed onto Angela, who Will is hoping will connect the dots and, presumably, join him and Trieu in their endeavor.

The exact nature of that endeavor remains unclear for now, but there's enough breadcrumbs to piece together a rough outline. Lady Trieu is in Tulsa building a massive contraption that she will only say is "much more than a clock" and the businesswoman clearly has two feet in the genetic engineering game, having effortlessly provided an infertile couple with their own biological child. Trieu is playing God in terms of creating life and her skyscraper-sized Millennium Clock evidently has an ominous purpose, built as it is to be near-impenetrable. Will's role in Trieu's plan remains to be seen, but their conversation in the episode's final scene reveals that an event of great magnitude shall occur in the coming days of Watchmen's timeline.

The ultimate aim of Trieu and Reeves' scheme remains shrouded in mystery at present, but it's interesting to note that Trieu is described as having ambitions to save the world and is a self-confessed fan of Adrian Veidt. Since Watchmen's Ozymandias tried to unite the planet with an act of mass destruction, and evidently failed, will Trieu try something similar with an even more devastating attack, potentially wiping out all life on Earth and replacing it with a creation of her own devising? Certainly, this would explain why Reeves evidently has reservations about the fate of his granddaughter and her family.

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Watchmen continues with "Little Fear Of Lightning" November 17th on HBO.

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