Watchmen: Our 9 Biggest Unanswered Questions After Season 1, Episode 3

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Here are our biggest unanswered questions about Watchmen season 1, episode 3, "She Was Killed By Space Junk". The latest chapter of Damon Lindelof's sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' classic graphic novel brings a major Watchmen character into the story: Laurie Blake (Jean Smart). Laurie was once known as Silk Spectre but she is now a world-weary FBI agent with the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. After all, who better to catch illegal masked crimefighters than a former superhero and the daughter of Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre?

With Agent Dale Petey (who runs the Watchmen tie-in website Peteypedia) in tow, Laurie is recruited to lead the FBI investigation into the death of Tulsa, Oklahoma's Chief of Police, Judd Crawford (Don Johnson). Watchmen episode 3 is told mostly from Laurie's POV and it brings the Watchmen TV series even closer to the graphic novel with tons of callbacks to Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons), Doctor Manhattan, and Nite Owl. Laurie also meets the masked Tulsa police, whom she also considers vigilantes. Agent Blake's face-t0-face encounters with Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) and Sister Night (Regina King) are electric, especially in how she already knows their true identities and challenges their methods. Elsewhere, Adrian Veidt runs afoul of his mysterious jailer, the Game Warden, as it becomes clear who the devious old man is and that he's being held against his will.

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"She Was Killed By Space Junk" is the best episode of Watchmen yet but it opens up even further questions about the many story threads as Laurie Blake's arrival provides an intriguing new perspective on Tulsa's characters and Judd Crawford's murder.

9. Will Nite Owl Get Pardoned If Joe Keene Becomes President?

Senator Joe Keene (James Wolk) showed up at Laurie's door to recruit her as the FBI's investigator into Judd's murder. Although Laurie balked at going to Oklahoma, Keene made her an offer she can't refuse: If he becomes President, Keene would have the power to pardon anyone he wants and he alluded to the fact that he could release Laurie's "owl from his cage". Keene wasn't referring to Who, Laurie's pet owl in her apartment, he was talking about the incarcerated Dan Drieberg AKA Nite Owl.

Keene's offer confirms the fact that Dan Dreiberg remains in federal custody, despite initial fan theories that Judd Crawford was really Nite Owl all along. Agent Blake took the offer to go to Oklahoma, but Keene's promise to free Dreiberg seems hollow. After all, Keene isn't President yet and his winning the next election isn't a sure thing. So, there's no guarantee that Keene can deliver on his promise to pardon Dan Dreiberg. However, it's a strong indicator of the relationship between Laurie and Dan that she took Keene up on his offer to (possibly) spring Nite Owl... eventually.

8. Why Are There Phone Booths To Mars And Doctor Manhattan?

The Blue Booth network was featured prominently in Watchmen episode 3. They are payphones built by Trieu Industries with a direct audio uplink to Mars. There are even membership tiers for frequent Blue Booth users and Laurie Blake retains a gold membership status. But why do these strange (and phallic-looking) devices exist in the first place? It seems that in the last 30 years, public sentiment has turned towards seeing Doctor Manhattan as some kind of diety. The most powerful being in existence never returned to Earth but technology has enabled an antennae receiver to be placed on Mars to communicate with him. Although, like "God", it's a one-way form of communication, the Blue Booth network promises that "Doctor Manhattan is listening" (which Laurie doubts but she uses it anyway). There's clearly a segment of the population that wants Doctor Manhattan to return to Earth and "save us", hoping (in vain) that he actually cares about humanity.

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7. Why Was Judd's Funeral Scheduled So Quickly?

Judd Crawford's funeral offered a nice symmetry to Edward Blake's funeral in the Watchmen graphic novel and Zack Snyder's movie (minus Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sounds of Silence"). But Laurie brought up a salient point when she spoke to Looking Glass before the funeral that Crawford is being laid to rest after only a few days and without a proper toxicology report.

Looking Glass claimed since Judd's cause of death was clearly by hanging there was no need for a toxicology report. However, if one were done on Judd, they would discover cocaine in his system from Angela's dinner party. Who knows what else they might have discovered that could shed light on the details of his murder? In their haste (and perhaps because Angela knew about the cocaine and wanted to protect Judd) the Tulsa Police rushed their chief's funeral and, thanks to the Seventh Kavalry suicide bomber, exhuming Judd's corpse is no longer possible.

6. What Is Adrian Veidt Building And Where Is He, Really?

Watchmen finally stopped beating around the bush and admitted what fans knew all along: Jeremy Irons is playing Adrian Veidt AKA Ozymandias. The real mystery, however, is what Veidt is busily constructing. There are blueprints and a model for some kind of contraption that, upon closer inspection, resembles a catapult. Further, Veidt took pieces from a suit of armor in his castle and built some kind of environmental suit with an oxygen tank. He made the newest Mr. Phillips (Tom Mison) wear the suit, promising that "this time it will work" but wherever the clone was sent, he came back completely frozen.

If Veidt's environment suit is meant for the wearer to withstand extreme cold then either Phillips was sent someplace frozen, like the arctic, or into outer space. Is that what the catapult is for? However, that makes no sense since you can't merely catapult someone into outer space. Still, the condition of Phillips' corpse indicates he was exposed to the vacuum of space. This opens up a slew of new questions, including where Veidt actually is. Is Veidt on another planet or in another dimension? Is he trapped in some kind of virtual reality? Wherever he might be, Ozymandias' predicament continues to be the most bizarre aspect of Watchmen.

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5. Who Is The Game Warden?

In order to further insulate the next wearer of his makeshift environmental suit, Veidt killed a buffalo to harvest its thick hide, which made him run afoul of the Game Warden. Later, the Game Warden sent Veidt a warning letter that he's violating the terms of his confinement that they both agreed upon. The phrasing in the Game Warden's letter indicates that he's British, like Ms. Crookshanks (Sara Vickers) and Mr. Phillips. And, despite the politeness of their correspondence (and Veidt sharing delicious tomatoes with the Warden), they regard each other as adversaries. Whoever the Game Warden might be, is this mystery man (who appears to be a Caucasian male) the one who trapped Veidt or is he merely acting as his jailer?

4. Why Has Adrian Veidt's Death Been Faked (And By Whom)?

Ozymandias disappeared in 2012 and he has officially been declared dead as of Watchmen's premiere episode. But, barring Adrian Veidt's scenes happening in the past, clearly Ozymandias is alive and the public has been led to believe otherwise. Further, Veidt is being held in (admittedly comfortable) confinement. But who faked Ozymandias' death and why?

Veidt's mysterious jailer could be the Game Warden or it could be someone in the world with the resources (or powers) to imprison the World's Smartest Man. This leaves only a few options: Veidt's jailer could be Doctor Manhattan and Adrian is living in a painstakingly constructed artificial world, which is something the blue super being certainly has the power to create. Doctor Manhattan being Veidt's enemy would also explain why Ozymandias mocked his origin with his play, "The Watchmaker's Son". Another possibility could be the mysterious Lady Trieu, who bought Veidt Industries in 2012. Could she have banished Veidt and faked his death?

3. What Does Laurie's Joke Mean?

The joke about Laurie Blake is that she has now modeled herself after her father Edward Blake AKA The Comedian and adopted his cynical world view. Like the Comedian, Laurie is a former superhero-turned-federal operative. Laurie's phone call intercut throughout Watchmen episode 3 as she told an elaborate joke to Doctor Manhattan in a Blue Booth. She started out with a story about a bricklayer teaching his daughter how to build a barbeque pit that had ended up with an extra brick before she shifted into a thinly-veiled allegory about Nite Owl, Ozymandias, and Doctor Manhattan each meeting God, being judged, and getting sent to Hell. But what did Laurie's joke really mean?

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For Nite Owl, despite his ability to create cool crime-fighting technology, God judged him "too soft" and banished him to Hell. Ozymandias' brilliant brainpower led him to kill 3-million people so God judged him "a monster" and sent him to Hell. Doctor Manhattan told God that he was already in Hell. Finally, Laurie equated herself to the bricklayer's daughter who threw a brick in the air - which landed on God's head and killed him. Beyond Laurie's nihilistic vision of the world and the deeply-flawed superheroes she knows, Laurie sees herself as the only survivor not in "Hell", whereas Nite Owl is in jail, Ozymandias is "dead", and Doctor Manhattan's eternal existence is also a kind of living Hell. Instead, Laurie who now uses her expertise to hunt down and imprison superheroes, is the "God-killer" of those who have delusions of grandeur. But there's also some self-loathing mixed in there as well.

2. Where Did Will Reeves Go And Who Returned Angela's Car?

When Laurie left the Blue Booth, Angela's car suddenly crashed from the sky right in front of her. Laurie took it as a sign that Doctor Manhattan listened to her joke but she doesn't know (yet) that Angela's car containing Will Reeves (Louis Gossett, Jr.) was mysteriously lifted into the air. Will hasn't been seen since nor was he mentioned in Watchmen episode 3 (besides Laurie deducing his wheelchair left tire tracks at Judd's murder scene). And obviously, Angela hasn't told anyone else about Will, Judd's confessed murderer.

Doctor Manhattan certainly didn't snatch away Will Reeves because Angela's car was lifted by a magnet attached to some kind of aircraft. This means someone with the resources to have such a vehicle plucked Angela's car into the air. This points to the mysterious Lady Trieu since, as the billionaire owner of Trieu Industries who bought out Adrian Veidt's company, she is the only character (yet unseen) who nonetheless would have the necessary technology and resources to pull off something like this. But if Lady Trieu is the culprit, what does she want with Will Reeves and where did she take him?

1. Did The Seventh Kavalry Really Kill Judd?

HBO Watchmen Rorschach Cult

The masked Tulsa Police Department is resolute in their belief that the Seventh Kavalry killed Judd. This makes sense since the 7K declared war on the Tulsa P.D. so it's not a stretch to imagine they took out the chief of police. However, the cops don't know Will Reeves is the confessed murderer (though it's not clear how a 105-year-old man in a wheelchair did the crime). Also, Senator Keene brought up a key point to Laurie Blake that the Seventh Kavalry publicly takes credit for their kills and the Rorschach-inspired terrorist group did not claim credit for killing Chief Crawford. (Although they sent a suicide bomber to his funeral.)

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It's looking quite doubtful that the Seventh Kavalry is responsible for Judd's death in Watchmen. Nor is it likely the 7K helped Will Reeves kill the chief since, being white supremacists, they wouldn't help a black man like Will hang a white man. Judd Crawford's real killer is at large but whoever he or she is, it's unlikely the murderer wears a Rorschach mask.

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