HBO's Watchmen Reveals Ozymandias' FULL Villain Plan

Fans know Ozymandias 'saved the world' with a hoax. HBO's Watchmen reveals what he did afterward and how Adrian Veidt's great lie could now be undone.

HBO Watchmen Ozymandias and Squids

HBO's Watchmen revealed the full scope of Ozymandias' plan and what he did to ensure the world's safety after the events of the graphic novel. Series creator Damon Lindelof has taken the original story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons into 2019 and he changed the setting from New York City to Tulsa, Oklahoma. But the world of Watchmen 34 years after the comic has been profoundly changed by Ozymandias' giant squid hoax prevented nuclear war in 1985 - changes that Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons) himself specifically engineered as he did his so-called "extradimensional monster".

The Watchmen comic (and Zack Snyder's 2009 movie) began with the 1985 murder of Edward Blake AKA The Comedian by Ozymandias but, Veidt's scheme reached back much further. Years before, the "World's Smartest Man" used futurology to predict that tensions between the United States and Soviet Union would escalate to nuclear conflict. Veidt hatched a far-reaching and insane plan that worked: he kidnapped scientists, engineers, and philosophers to construct a giant squid monster on a secret island while he financed the Institute for Extraspatial Studies in NYC to develop a teleportation device - a plan Blake discovered, hence Veidt killing him. At midnight on 11/2/1985, Ozymandias teleported his giant squid into the heart of New York City, which unleashed a psychic blast that killed over 3-million people. Veidt's hoax had its desired effect: believing that the planet was under the attack by an extradimensional creature, the world's governments ceased hostilities and banded together. Adrian Veidt saved the world and ushered in global peace with a gigantic lie and mass murder.

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HBO's Watchmen filled in the details of what Veidt's next steps were after 11/2 in episode 5, "A Little Fear of Lightning". In the aftermath of his hoax, Ozymandias made sure that he could not only secure the world peace he engineered but that he would have direct control over how it was implemented - by handpicking the President of the United States.

The Full Scope Of Adrian Veidt's Watchmen Plan

On 11/1/1985, Adrian Veidt recorded an hours-long instructional video to the new President, Robert Redford - whose election he guaranteed because his "instructions were followed to the letter". The video was meant for the newly sworn-in President to watch on January 21, 1993, and in it, Veidt confessed that the giant squid attack on 11/2 was "a hoax" of his doing, as were all of the deaths that resulted. The Blue Wave of 1992 which led to the end of Richard Nixon's 24-year control of the White House was also engineered by Veidt as the largest contributor to the Democratic Party. With Veidt's man Redford in place, Ozymandias asked the new POTUS to be "his partner" in building "a utopia". Veidt also admitted that, as the world healed, he would continue regular squid rainfalls to perpetuate the true effect of his hoax - keeping the world in a constant state of fear so it could be easily controlled.

While Redford's response to Veidt's confession isn't known, things afterward didn't go quite as Ozymandias planned. It seems Redford didn't quite fall in line as Veidt intended and, even though a rift was publicly denied by both men, Redford's Campaign Finance Reform and Donor Act of 1993 curbed Veidt's ability to influence government policy. Still, the U.S. Government kept the truth about 11/2 a secret and the arrest and confession of Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) in 1995 filled in details of her fellow superheroes' involvement on 11/2. Blake's mea culpa presumably revealed that Rorschach was killed by Doctor Manhattan for threatening to reveal the hoax (which he did anyway by sending his journal detailing his investigation to The New Frontiersman).

The Seventh Kavalry Want To Expose Ozymandias' Hoax

Naturally, the hoax couldn't be kept a secret just between Veidt and Redford. High-ranking U.S. officials like Senator Joe Keene (James Wolk) were let in on it. After the White Night in 2006, Keene took over control of the Seventh Kavalry and pushed through the Defense of Police Act (DoPA) so that Chief Judd Crawford's Tulsa Police could legally wear masks. But the 7K, who already believed 11/2 was a hoax thanks to Rorschach's published journal, plans to reveal the truth to the world.

The Seventh Kavalry built their own CX9-24 teleportation window similar to what Veidt used on 11/2 to show that the giant squid was man-made and not beamed from another dimension. They're also stockpiling M-class lithium batteries, which were banned after it was believed the Doctor Manhattan-derived power source causes cancer When their scheme comes together, Keene promises the Seventh Kavalry will do "something new" to expose Veidt's lie but, in effect, the white nationalist cult plans to undo the ending of the Watchmen graphic novel.

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