Watchmen: Biggest Comic Easter Eggs in Episode 6

Episode 6 of HBO's Watchmen is filled with Easter Eggs and references we found, including a DC Comics cameo fans won't want to overlook!

Hooded Justice and Zack Snyder Watchmen Movie

Warning: SPOILERS for Watchmen Episode 6

HBO's Watchmen series is now its' sixth episode, with the whole series already containing several of references and easter eggs to the popular comic book story. Knowing just how many Watchmen Easter Eggs have been found already, the television series shows no signs of stopping.

Episode 6, "This Extraordinary Being," reveals the history of Angela Abar's grandfather Will Reeves, as well as the true origins of the Watchmen universe's first masked crime fighter. Here are all the references, hidden secrets, and Easter Eggs fans won't want to miss while processing the bombshells dropped in this latest episode.

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7. Moloch the Magnificent

Watchmen Movie Moloch and Comedian

During the first scene from American Hero Story, Hooded Justice is being interrogated by two government men. While they interrogate him, they mention villains that the Minutemen have already taken down: King Mob, Captain Axis, and Moloch. While the first two were only mentioned in the original Watchmen comic book, Moloch was actually seen in the story a handful of significant times. Moloch's real name was Walter Jacobi, who used to work as a magician before turning to a life of crime. However, he had retired by the time the comic takes place (allowing him to play a different role for both The Comedian and Rorschach... revealing too much, in the end).

6. Amos N' Andy

Because Angela Abar takes her grandfather's Nostalgia pills, she experiences his memories as if they were her own. As a result, much of Will Reeves history is revealed to both her and the audience. Having grown up away from Tulsa, Will Reeves becomes a police officer. When he witnesses a man light a Jewish deli on fire, he attempts to arrest the man -- who is more concerned with getting home to watch Amos N' Andy. The modern viewer won't know that the popular radio show at the time is infamous for having white actors voice two black men (eventually becoming another subject of criticism for racist archetypes).

5. "This Extraordinary Being"

Minutemen Watchmen

The title for Episode 6 is "This Extraordinary Being," which is a reference to the original story itself. "This Extraordinary Being" is a line from the biography written by the original Nite-Owl (not Dan Dreiberg), chronicling his years of crimefighting. In that memoir, Hooded Justice is mentioned in the context of the now famous general store scene, which is seen twice in the HBO series: once in an earlier episode in its heavily stylized Zack Snyder-esque form, as well as later on in this episode as it really happened.

4. Look, on That Comic Book, It's Superman!

Watchmen TV Show Action Comics Easter Egg

After Will books the man at the precinct, he's walking down the street the next day only to have the same man bump into him, having been released with no incident. However, just before being bumped, Will is shown asking a newspaper vendor about the comic book he's reading, and if it beats the news. Remarkably, the cover is Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman! This probably eliminates any hopes, however slim they were, for a live action crossover event with DC characters akin to Doomsday Clock.

It's worth noting since pirate comics like The Black Freighter generally take the place of Batman in the Watchmen world, and have already been featured in several Watchmen Easter Eggs already. As the vendor is talking about the boy in the comic being sent away from his planet and parents for safety, Will receives flashes of his own youth, being given the same second chance. It's an amazing comparison being made, seeing as how Will Reeves soon becomes Hooded Justice -- the first superhero to appear in the Watchmen universe, just as Superman is the first hero in DC's.

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3. Lettuce

HBO Watchmen - Rorschach

After being attacked and temporarily hanged as a threat, Will takes the hood, and the noose, and keeps them on -- just as he hears a cry for help, rescuing a couple from being attacked. When the rescue is reported in the news, Will is referred to as a masked hero, beginning his career as Hooded Justice. After taking out several Klan members, Will's fight takes him to the front of the general store, where a large bin of lettuce is displayed. It's easy to miss, but considering how prominently lettuce featured in the first episode, tied to a member from the Seventh Kalvary, the literal link between racial violence of yesterday and the present day shouldn't be overlooked.

2. In and Out of the Window

HBO Watchmen Hooded Justice

Will also wears white makeup around his eyes to make others think he's Caucasian, helping him to be widely accepted. This explains why the Hooded Justice seen in American Hero Story is revealed to be white, as that was the general perception due to his never taking the mask off in public. However, there's an even smaller difference that further highlights the discrepancies between the dramatized depiction on the show and what actually happened to Will. While the AHS version shows Hooded Justice jumping into the general store via the window and starting a fight, the actual events see Justice jumping out of the window afterwards. It's a small difference, but it continues to show just how wrong the drama gets it.

1. Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill in Watchmen Comic

During the press conference, Captain Metropolis unveils a poster from their sponsor National Bank, featuring the bank's hired hero, Dollar Bill. While an actual member of the Minutemen as referenced in the comic story, Dollar Bill was more of just a sponsored mascot for bank to make their customers feel more secure. Unfortunately, the poster features Bill apprehending yet another racist depiction of a black man, further adding to the notion that the Minutemen have no interest in protecting or caring about the people and issue Hooded Justice wants to solve.

Expect to see plenty more Watchmen Easter egg breakdowns with each new episode! And if there are any we've missed, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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