New Watchmen Posters Times Six


Just as Paramount recently did with a batch of new Star Trek images, Warner Bros. has now done with Watchmen: They've released a blitz of six new Watchmen posters to six different websites.

But thanks to the power of the internet, we've gathered them all here for you to see (smaller versions out of consideration for the sites that premiered them). You can click on any of the images below to visit the sites where the high res versions reside.

Watchmen poster featuring 'The Comedian

(Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Watchmen movie poster featuring 'Rorschach'

(Jackie Earle Haley)

Watchmen movie poster featuring 'Nite Owl II'

(Patrick Wilson)

Watchmen movie poster featuring 'Dr. Manhattan'

(Billy Crudup)

Watchmen movie poster featuring 'Silk Spectre II'

(Malin Akerman)

Watchmen movie poster featuring 'Ozymandias'

(Matthew Goode)

It doesn't look like Warner Bros. is terribly concerned about the Fox lawsuit - they're ramping up the marketing on this bad boy like it's still on target for it's March 6th release date. I've got a feeling that the trailer that will be attached to Quantum of Solace is going to rock the house and give people not familiar with the original graphic novel a much better idea of what Watchmen is about.


As my buddy Alex at points out - what a week for movie geeks! We have a (hopefully) kick-ass followup to the James Bond reboot Casino Royale opening Friday, and not only that but Quantum of Solace will have new trailers for both Watchmen and Star Trek attached, on the heels of new poster releases for both of those this week.

Nice. :-)

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