Watchmen Interactive Site = Fun & New Footage

There's yet another a new Watchmen viral site that offers a bit of interactive fun to those willing to have their heads examined by good old Dr. Rorschach and his ink blot test.

The prize for taking this twisted exam?  Rorschach's psychological survey of each of the individual Watchmen, expressed in the form of clips from the film, clips which feature just a tiny bit of never-before-seen footage.

The site is called "Six Minutes To Midnight," six being the number of Watchmen, midnight being the hour of Armageddon on the doomsday clock. "Patients" log in by entering their name, and are then treated (after a brief video intro) to Dr. Rorschach's ink blot pad, a crinkled piece of paper with a fluid ink blot that morphs into six different shapes, each shape representing one of the Watchmen.

Your job as the patient is to write down what you think you see in the ink blot in a large text box at the bottom of the screen. For every blot that you name correctly, you "unlock" one of the characters and be treated to a video montage of that character, while Dr. Rorschach let's you know how he REALLY feels about them.

Oh and don't you dare get an answer wrong, or Rorschach will have some very unpleasant things to say about you, too.

Now, in the interest of time (and because I know that the new footage is what you're really after), I'll go ahead and give you the answers to the test, since one or two of the answers are kinda hard to figure out. For those who don't want the game SPOILED for them, skip on down past the ink blot pic to the bottom of the post. You'll have to mouse over them to see them here on the site but if you read this via email or a RSS reader they'll be visible.






The Comedian = "Smiley Face"

Ozymandias = "Gun"

Rorschach = "Hat"

Silk Spectre II = "Woman"

Nite Owl II = "Glasses"

Dr. Manhattan = "Helicopter"






Once you've identified each of the six ink blots the clock reaches midnight and you earn your reward for playing Rorschach's game: a brief montage of footage based on Rorschach's famous narration about how he admired the way The Comedian saw the truth about the cracks in society "and all the little men in masks trying to hold it all together." It's a small reward, but honestly, the real fun is in playing the game.

All in all, "Six Minutes To Midnight" is an another example of viral marketing done right. It could've used a bit more new footage (in all I'd say there's about ten seconds of stuff you haven't seen before), but the interactive game is pretty engaging. And dammit if some of those ink blots don't mess with your head! (The Dr. Manhattan blot had me stumped for twenty freaking minutes!)

You can check out the site here. Let us know what you think about it.

Source: Six Minutes To Midnight

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