HBO Boss Hopes to Order Watchmen TV Show to Series Very Soon

HBO Watchmen TV Show

HBO’s programming chief, Casey Bloys, has high hopes that the Watchmen TV show will get a series order “as soon as possible." Earlier this year, HBO announced that they issued a pilot order for a TV series based on the acclaimed graphic novel, Watchmen. HBO has been very tight-lipped about the series; however, the project is already generating a lot of buzz.

Lost and Leftovers co-creator Damon Lindelof is set to be the showrunner for the Watchmen series, which is said to be a different take on the classic comic. HBO has also assembled an amazing cast. Jeremy Irons is set to star in the series alongside Louis Gossett Jr., Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, Don Johnson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen and Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison. Beyond basic cast announcements, the team behind the new series has been incredibly secretive. Lindelof has confirmed, however, that his version of Watchmen is something completely new and won’t serve as a direct adaption of the comics.

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Lindelof’s team has already wrapped production on the pilot and fans' excitement for the project is through the roof. Thanks to a recent update, it seems like HBO is also very eager to get the ball rolling on their new series. IndieWire's Ben Travers recently took to Twitter and shared an exciting quote from Bloys. In the quote, the HBO boss shares that he has not yet seen the pilot, but he has every hope that HBO will issue a full series order for Lindelof’s Watchmen very soon:

Bloys' quote might seem inconsequential, but it does reveal a lot about HBO’s hopes for the series. With Game of Thrones entering its final season, HBO is trying to find their next flagship show. For now, it seems like Westworld could fill that postion, but that’s almost a herculean task. It makes sense that the network would try to get several high-profile shows to fill the Game of Thrones vacuum. With that in mind, a Watchmen TV series with Lindelof as showrunner could definitely help fill the void.

Even broken down to its base components, a Watchmen TV series seems like the perfect show for HBO. Its source material was almost tailor made for the mature, gritty tone that HBO has cultivated over the past decades. Watchmen also has the benefit of having an established fan base, which should help attract new fans to the network. If the pilot is solid, HBO seems eager to give the Watchmen series the green light. It’s worth noting that if the pilot gets ordered to series, it will be a while until the show airs. HBO usually films an entire season of a show prior to air. So, it could be a year or more until the Watchmen TV show premieres.

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Source: Ben Travers/Twitter

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