10 Shows To Watch If You Like HBO's Watchmen

If you couldn't get enough of Watchmen, make sure you've seen these other great shows too.

Watchmen TV Show Comic Easter Eggs

HBO appears to have landed another major success with its latest television show, Watchmen, based on the popular comic book series. With the show having received rave reviews from fans and critics, it is quickly growing to be one of the most popular shows going right now.

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The brilliant mix of action and politics make this an incredibly exciting show that is brilliant at keeping fans on the edge of their seats, touching on real-world issues all the while still being very much set in a world of reality, making sure that fans are able to connect with it.

However, eventually, Watchmen fans are going to need something else to watch and within this article, we will list 10 potential shows that fans would enjoy as well.

10 Daredevil

We kickstart the list with a very popular superhero television show that can be found on Netflix, Marvel's Daredevil, which saw the blind superhero finally be showcased in the right manner, with a dark and gritty show that suited his character.

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Fans of Watchmen will certainly enjoy this visit into Hell's Kitchen, for those that haven't already seen it, with Daredevil having a similar mix between action and politics, with serious matters being discussed through Matt Murdock's day job as an attorney.

While he believes in the system on one hand, on the other his alter ego totally goes against it. With some of the best fight scenes ever created for a superhero, Daredevil is something that people will be sure to enjoy.

9 True Detective

Mahershala Ali in True Detective Season 3 HBO

Unlike the previous example, True Detective has nothing to do with superheroes, but that doesn't mean that fans of Watchmen won't enjoy it After all, Watchmen isn't your typical superhero show and that and fellow HBO show True Detective have plenty in common.

They both have darker tones, with True Detective being based around a 1995 murder case, and much like the brand-new show, it is full of mystery and massive plot development, with HBO being well-known for creating fantastic storylines.

True Detective has just three seasons so it isn't a huge commitment of time in comparison to other television shows, and it is certainly worth a watch for anyone enjoying Watchmen.

8 The Punisher

Another one of Marvel's hit television shows, The Punisher is even darker than Daredevil, with this being a perfect show for someone who is gripped to the world of Watchmen, with Frank Castle also not being a typical superhero in capes with wild powers.

The former-marine turns into a vigilante and certainly holds no prisoners when it comes to his enemies, refusing to hold back in what is one of the most violent superhero shows to be created on television, staying true to the source material.

Jon Bernthal puts in a stellar performance throughout, which is why fans were shocked that the show was canned. However, there are two excellent seasons ready and waiting to be enjoyed on Netflix right now.

7 Dexter

Dexter provides a very different style show to Watchmen, with this being absolutely nothing to do with superheroes or comic books, but it does still feel like a show that would appeal to the same type of people, although it does lean a little more into the horror and gore side of things.

Dexter also follows a story from the printed page, with a book spawning this show, which at times feels very much like a psychological thriller as you follow along the journey of a serial killer, Dexter Morgan, who also happens to work as a blood splatter expert solving murders.

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This complex show that sees Dexter lead a true double life does have similarities to Watchmen in its darker tones that also burst with life at points, with lies and secrets being at the heart of things.

6 Arrow

Another popular superhero television show that fans of Watchmen would enjoy is Arrow, which has been one of the longest-running and most successful shows in the history of the genre, with Stephen Amell putting in tremendous performances as Oliver Queen.

Within the show, Queen, who ends up donning the alter ego of Arrow, attempts to right the wrongs of his family as he aims to clean up the city to restore it to what it once was, while his partner's father, the Detective, does everything in his power to put him behind bars.

That complex storyline and a blend of wanting to lock away superheroes is something that will resonate with Watchmen fans, with this being another perfect show for them to enjoy.

5 Gotham

If you are into the superhero world but also like things dark and gritty, then Gotham is certainly a show that is worth checking out, following the same tones of Watchmen in the sense that it is based on a comic book and has superhero tones, without going overboard.

Gotham doesn't actually focus on Batman, despite what the title might suggest. Instead, it focuses on James Gordon as he rises as a detective in Gotham City, following the popular character on his journey through the justice system.

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While Gordon does eventually become friends with Bruce Wayne in this show, it is mainly about the detective and how he deals with the famous Batman villains such as Penguin and The Riddler, in what is another great show.

4 You

While You is a slightly more upbeat show than Watchmen, with the core storyline actually being based around romance, this popular Netflix series has more in common with HBO's new hit show than most people might think.

With murder and major secrets being covered up all the way through the show, the element of mystery, surprise, and intrigue that Watchmen has is doubled in You, which is why it would make a perfect show for fans to check out.

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With a second season currently in the works, now is also the perfect time to get into You, in what really is a gripping thriller that has moments that will make you laugh, cry, and scream.

3 Lucifer

Lucifer is another Netflix series that fans of Watchmen will enjoy, with this following Lucifer Morningstar, who is bored within his role as the Devil and resigns, opting to move to Los Angeles to run a nightclub, which leads him to be involved in a murder case.

He ends up becoming a consultant to the LAPD and has to deal with many demonic threats in what is a gripping television show that breaks the boundaries of a typical show using the Devil, which is one of the reasons it is so appealing.

2 The Umbrella Academy

Robert Sheehan as Klaus and Justin Min as Ben in The Umbrella Academy

Much like HBO's Watchmen, The Umbrella Academy is also based on comic books, with the comics in question actually being created by My Chemical Romance singer, Gerard Way.

The story focuses on a group of adopted children who are morphed into a superhero team and trained by a billionaire, although as they grow older rifts start to form and the team disbands, yet years later they reunite although it is clear there are many differences between them.

With a threat of an apocalypse hanging over their heads and various different problems to solve within the team, this is a gripping show that will certainly satisfy your need for a comic-book show that isn't so in your face.

1 Westworld

Also created by HBO, Westworld is an incredibly popular television series that is well worth a watch whether you're a fan of Watchmen or not, but the two shows do have some very similar tones in-terms of how they're presented and the message they convey.

While Westworld is set in an amusement park, rather than rides and shows, this futuristic park is full of robotic hosts who allow visitors to live out their wildest fantasies, no matter what that might be, with no consequences at all... or so they think.

Much like Watchmen, this show is deep in mystery and major twists, which makes it a gripping watch throughout as a show that you have to commit attention and focus on, and is certainly worth checking out if Watchmen is your thing.

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