Watchmen: 10 Fan Theories About Dr. Manhattan In The HBO Show

HBO's Watchmen is still going strong, but we are yet to fully see a character that we were almost guaranteed to appear based on the trailers and source material. Dr. Manhattan has briefly been seen on Mars, but we haven't yet been introduced to him properly.

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That, of course, hasn't stopped fans from coming up with a variety of theories regarding the famous character. Many people have tried to explain what he's up to on Mars, whether he's on Mars at all and a whole host of other crazy theories. Here are 10 theories about Dr. Manhattan from the HBO show, Watchmen. 


During the third episode of the show, She Was Killed By Space Junk, it was shown that phallic shaped telephone boxes had been created on Earth. These were designed to allow humans to send messages to Dr. Manhattan in the hope he will communicate back.

It's assumed that he isn't really listening and it's like a modern way of confessing in church. However, there are some theories that Dr Manhattan is actually listening and that he's learning more and more about humanity. He may even be collecting all this information, perhaps to use in the future.


Some have speculated that the footage of Dr. Manhattan on Mars is either from the past or doctored in some way. There are suggestions that he left the planet some time ago and is now embarking on a journey elsewhere. Of course, there are plenty of theories as to where he's gone.

Some people have suggested he's managed to break into another dimension and is exploring the multiverse. Others predict that he's gone back to Earth for some unknown reason. If this is the case then even more fan theories could be confirmed!


It was mentioned that conspiracy theorists have started predicting that Dr. Manhattan can actually appear human. This was debunked by his former lover Silk Spectre, but we're not too sure if this is a red herring or not.

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If this is true, then Dr. Manhattan very well could be on Earth already. He might have been living amongst us for years, disguising himself as a human and trying to live a normal life. If this is the case then he certainly isn't listening to all of those phone calls!


With the potential for Dr. Manhattan to have appeared as a human, some people are even suggesting that we've already met him. One of the many characters that we've seen across Watchmen could actually be Dr. Manhattan. But if this is the case, who is it?

The top theory is that it's actually Will. While this was slightly debunked by the fact he is related to Angela, he could have manipulated his DNA to do this. It would certainly explain how he committed the murder of the Captain if he is in a wheelchair.


Since seeing the initial trailer, we've had so many questions, especially surrounding Adrian Veidt. It's quickly become apparent that not only is Jeremy Irons playing Ozymandias but he also seems to be under some kind of house arrest.

Fans are speculating that his house arrest is on Mars and that Dr. Manhattan is the one orchestrating it. Also speculating that The Gamekeeper is, in fact, Dr. Manhattan himself in disguise and the construct we saw built on Mars is the very house that Ozymandias is in.


This fan theory has been picking up traction, although it fails to explain a lot of things about the series. There's been a suggestion that Dr. Manhattan actually died years ago and there's a conspiracy to continue acting as if he is still alive.

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He's become a god-like figure of hope it seems and so perhaps this is a government method to try to instill some order in its people. Or maybe there's a larger plot here which will bring about a new plan from Veidt, who will take advantage of the death.


Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt Ozymandias in Watchmen

There are more identity theories now and this one is regarding Adrian Veidt himself. Some people are suggesting Veidt died long ago and that Dr. Manhattan has constructed a little reality where he is still alive. Maybe this is to have some kind of companionship on Mars.

Others have suggested he created Veidt and the clones in order to understand how to have that kind of intelligence and think outside of the box. He could be testing him constantly like a guinea pig, trapped in an endless cycle of research.


Laurie Blake seemed to show some signs of affection when talking about Dr. Manhattan. But there seemed to be something else in her look. As if she knew that only she could carry out a certain action that would alter the course of humanity forever.

It is believed by some that by the end of the series, it will be Silver Spectre that actually kills Dr. Manhattan. She knows how truly powerful and dangerous he could be and despite loving him, she is the only one with the strength to kill a god, as evidenced by the joke she tells.


We're not totally sure which events from the comics have happened in this version of the Watchmen world. However, it seems to be clear that Dr. Manhattan is actually seen as a bit of a public hero, with people looking up to him as a god.

If this is the case there may be a larger plot to try to tear down the false god. Maybe that's what the FBI is ultimately working towards or could even be Veidt's plan to ultimately appear like the hero that he always wanted to be.


With Dr. Manhattan isolated on Mars there's been talk that he's actually creating his own world that he can live in. There's been speculation that the imperfect world we see in Watchmen is one of his own creation and that he is controlling everything.

There's is also the suggestion that it's only Veidt's world that's fake or that this was the first attempt to create something convincing enough. Or maybe the construction we see on the news recording is the start of his attempts to build a new civilization on Mars.

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