What's New in Watchmen: The Director's Cut

Merrick over at Ain't It Cool News has a reader named "Ulysses" who reportedly has seen Watchmen: The Director's Cut, which is set for release on Blu-ray this month, and even a limited run in theaters.

So what's new in Watchmen: The Director's Cut? Keep on reading if you want to know the answer to that question, but needless to say, anything you read is going to be a SPOILER. Here are just a few of the new scenes that "Ulysses" noticed in Watchmen: The Director's Cut [SPOILERS!!!]:


  • At the end of Rorschach's search of the comedian's apartment. Two cops enter, he knocks one of the cops out and jumps out the window as the other cop is firing his gun at him.
  • Rorschach has more dialogue from the comic with Dr. Malcom. Also in his story of the girl, the murder is shown as in the comic - walking outside, asking his dogs to bark, when they don't he draws his gun and enters the building.
  • ...Hollis talks on the phone with Sally, only to be interrupted by knocks at the door. He has a great montage death scene. They also explain why the knot heads go there at an earlier point.


That last bit about Hollis Mason's (the first Nite Owl) death scene is good news; I really thought that moment was crucial to the story of the graphic novel and the fact that the theatrical version totally skirted over it really was disappointing.

Moreover, if you've watched the Tales of The Black Freighter DVD/Blu-ray, and seen the Hollis Mason Documentary included with it, actor Stephen McHattie (so underrated) really does a good job with the character of Mason - I would say (Jackie Earle Haley aside) he gave the best performance in the whole ensemble. So, IMO, McHattie deserves as much screen time available to him..until his head gets bashed-in by knot heads.

Now, those scenes mentioned above are only 3 of 10 that "Ulysses" provided. For the full list, head on over to Merrick's post at AICN.

Sounds like Watchmen: The Director's Cut might be worth seeing after all. Or is this all just pointless foreplay before Watchmen: The Ulimate Edition gets rolled out?

Watchmen: The Director's Cut is coming to theaters for a 3-city weekend run. Details here.

The Blu-ray hits stores July 21, 2009.

Source: AICN

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