Watchmen Comic-Con Footage AND New Trailer!

We seem to be a bit behind in delivering Watchmen clips to you so here we present a veritable orgy of Watchmen movie footage. :-)

First off, you can finally see the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con footage that put movie news webmasters into a state of rapture, then we have the just released international trailer for the film, plus the latest video production journal from the official site.

Have a look and enjoy!

Here's the footage from this summer's Comic-Con - there's no dialog, only three minutes of gorgeous visuals to tantalize your eyeballs. If nothing else, this movie will be a visual feast... it remains to be seen whether everything else falls into place to make this an amazing movie. Sorry about the YouTube (lack of) quality, but I wasn't able to convert it into Flash. You can get a higher res version for free from iTunes.


And here we have the just released international trailer courtesy of It incorporates Comic-Con footage that is not shown in the U.S. version of the trailer.

Finally here's is video production journal #9. It's all about the "easter eggs" embedded in the film and nods to fans of the graphic novel. Zack Snyder and company went to a lot of trouble to make things as authentic to the source material as they could.


So what do you think of the Comic-Con footage?

Watchmen (hopefully) opens on March 6, 2009.

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