DC's Watchmen Sequel Brings [SPOILER] Back From The Dead

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Doomsday Clock #2


The Watchmen sequel comic Doomsday Clock has brought The Comedian himself back from the dead, and into the DC Universe. There's still the matter of explaining how it's all possible, which writer Geoff Johns will probably be keeping a secret until the next issue. For now, fans of the original Watchmen series can decide whether it's time to celebrate, or pull out the pitchforks (metaphorically speaking). But you have to admit: for a guy who believed the entire world was a joke, The Comedian would love his return from the comic book graveyard more than anyone.

Perhaps it's a compliment that this bombshell isn't the only twist in Doomsday Clock #2 guaranteed to have fans talking. Yet as thrilling as it may be to see Rorschach step into Batman's city, nothing can compare to a Watchmen casualty - the first one, in fact - joining the living heroes of the DC Universe. Especially now that he's got his chance at revenge with Ozymandias in his crosshairs.

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It's only the second issue, and already Doomsday Clock is proving to be a must-read for fans of either DC or Watchmen, now that the heroes of Watchmen have traveled to DC's actual universe. Unless, of course, the previous run of Before Watchmen prequel comics and side stories seemed too close to capitalizing on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's original story. In which case Doomsday Clock acting as a full Watchmen sequel likely amounted to heresy in concept alone.

The next weeks and months should prove even more interesting than expected in that debate, thanks to this twist. Geoff Johns had previously teased Ozymandias seeking out Lex Luthor upon arriving in the DCU. What he didn't tease was the former opponent of Ozymandias being resurrected to crash the party.

The Comedian is Alive in DC's Universe

We obviously recommend every DC reader grab the issues themselves, but for those eager to know the biggest reveal, it's a welcome surprise to see The Comedian get the drop on Adrian Veidt. The 'world's smartest man' manages to dodge the killing shot with a split-second to spare, but Eddie "The Comedian" Blake is right to have a chuckle of victory. Whether it's his sharpened senses this time around, as Eddie claims, or simply years out of practice for Veidt, the odds have changed. With Issue #2 ending on a cliffhanger, fans are left waiting for the actual showdown until Issue #3.

As some Watchmen fans will be quick to point out, this apparent resurrection causes some serious problems. True, it's not even the first dead Watchmen hero that Doomsday Clock has returned to the spotlight. Of course, this is something different than a new version of Rorschach with a mystery of his own. To this point, the new Rorschach has even commented on the original's death (although his pesky journal is still a dangling plot thread).

In the case of The Comedian, no such explanation is remotely possible. For starters, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson's artwork shows this is the same Eddie Blake that Ozymandias threw out a window to kick off Watchmen's narrative. Scar and all. Ozymandias reacts to his voice and visage without missing a beat, adding further evidence. The impression, despite the odds, and despite the diehard fans' protestation, is that The Comedian lives.

At least... that's what readers are meant to assume.

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