How To Watch Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance has kicked off its first season, and there's a bunch of ways to watch it online, including some free options. Taking place only 6 months before the events of Star Wars: The Force AwakensResistance will shed some additional light on some of the least explored parts of the Star Wars timeline, revealing the details of events leading up to Episode VII.

Unfortunately, like Star Wars Rebels before it, Star Wars Resistance airs on Disney XD and is not a part of most basic cable packages or available streaming for free from subscription platforms like Netflix or Hulu. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to catch Resistance either live or streaming after it airs.

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How to Watch Star Wars Resistance Live

Watch live on Disney XD, Disney Now, and Disney VOD

The most straightforward way to watch Star Wars Resistance is to tune your TV to the Disney Channel for the premiere (with subsequent episodes on Disney XD) at 10 EST/9 CST for the premiere on October 7th, but this obviously requires you to have Disney XD as a part of your television package. If it's not already a part of your plan, you may have to choose an entirely new plan to get it added since most cable/satellite providers don't offer channels a la carte, but you'll need to contact your provider to see what your options are in this regard.

You can also watch via Disney Now or Disney VOD, but both of those options require you to log-in with your television provider, meaning you still need Disney XD as a part of your TV package.


Sling TV has become an excellent live-TV option for many cord cutters, especially because its plans are much more simple and easy to modify, unlike cable or satellite, which often require you to sign up for dozens of channels you don't want as a part of a package to get the channels you do want. To watch Resistance, you will need to sign up with at least the standard $25/month "Sling Orange" package, with the $5/month add-on "Kids Extra" to enable Disney XD (note: the "Kids Extra" add-on is not available with the "Sling Blue" package).

With Sling Orange + Kids Extra, you can watch Star Wars Resistance live, otherwise you'll want to add the Cloud DVR package for another $5. Sling TV also lets you watch Resistance online for free with its 7-day free trial if you'd like to try it out.

PlayStation Vue TV (no PlayStation required)

PlayStation Vue's standard $44.99/month "Access" plan gets you access to 48 channels, including Disney XD. The best part is, PlayStation Vue doesn't require you to own a PlayStation. It can be accessed via a number of streaming devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, a standard web browser, or the official Android or iOS app. PlayStation Vue also offers a 5-day free trial.

YouTube TV

YouTube's new live TV service starts at $40/month, with access to 73 channels, including Disney XD. The package enables you to both watch resistance live, or with the included Cloud DVR after it airs. YouTube TV's 7-day free trial also enables you to stream it online for free if you want to try it out.

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How to Stream Star Wars Resistance On-Demand

Star Wars Resistance General Leia

If you have no intention of watching live, or don't want to pay for a whole live-internet TV package just for one show, you can also watch on-demand by purchasing each episode individually from a number of provider.

Amazon Video

Star Wars Resistance is available through Amazon Prime Video in HD for $2.99 per individual episode or a full-season pass for $19.99. The show comes in HD and can be played in your web browser, through the mobile app, or streamed through Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. Episodes are typically available within 24 hours of their initial airtime.

Google Play

Google Play TV sells individual episodes of Star Wars Resistance for $1.99 for the SD version and $2.99 for the HD version. Full season passes are available in HD for $19.99. Google Play purchases can be played through a web browser from the purchases section of YouTube or the Google Video website and streamed through Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Roku. Episodes are typically available within 24 hours of initial airtime.


Apple offers individual HD episodes through iTunes for $2.99 each, or a full season pass for $29.99. iTunes purchases can be played from the TV app on iPhones and iPads, streamed through an Apple TV, or iTunes on a computer.

How to Watch Star Wars Resistance Outside the US


Star Wars Resistance will air on Disney XD in Canada. The official Canada site for Disney XD says it will air in October, but no official date or time is yet verified and it's not on the schedule for October 7th when it premieres in the United States. We will update as information becomes available.

Episodes will also be available on-demand through Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes, typically within 24 hours of the regional air time.

United Kingdom

Star Wars Resistance will be available in the UK, also through Disney XD, but there's no official premiere date yet. Disney XD can also be accessed through Sky or Now TV.

Episodes will presumably also be available on-demand through Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes, typically within 24 hours of the regional air time. We will update as information becomes available.


There isn't an Australian premiere date for Star Wars Resistance yet, but it's not unreasonable to expect an October arrival on Disney XD.

Star Wars Rebels was available in Australia through iTunes and Google Play, but it's not clear on what offerings will be available for Australia. We will update as information becomes available.

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