Watch Ian McKellen, Warwick Davis & More in British Airways Video

Ian McKellen and Warwick Davis in the new British Airways safety video

Safety is important, especially when traveling. Unfortunately, the finer details of keeping safe are often lost to other distractions. British Airways thinks it has the answer, though.

A new video released by British Airways in conjunction with Comic Relief features a number of celebrities walking flyers through the steps of keeping safe in the air. Best of all, it's all for a good cause.

The premise of the video is simple: Picture big celebrities auditioning for a "big break" in an airline safety video. Comedian Asim Chaudhry appears as the one running the auditions, while famous faces such as Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gordon Ramsay, Sir Ian McKellen and Gillian Anderson follow, each presenting part of the standard airline safety script as part of their "audition." Chaudhry interacts with some of the celebrity cast, creating what has to be the most entertaining safety video ever filmed.

Ian McKellen and Warwick Davis in the new British Airways safety video

In addition to entertaining British Airways passengers, the video was made for a good cause. In partnership with Comic Relief, British Airways is collecting donations for its global charity initiative Flying Start. The end of the video has the various performers explaining how to use the Flying Start envelopes located in the seats to give spare change or other donations in-flight, reminding viewers that they can always ask a flight attendant for an envelope if they can't find one. For one last laugh, the video ends with Rowan Atkinson attempting to make a Flying Start donation in classic Mr. Bean style.

This isn't the first time that Comic Relief has used celebrities in videos for fundraising efforts it's involved with. The charity's Red Nose Day events often bring about some pretty unexpected (and funny) performances from stars of both TV and film. It should come as no surprise that a number of well-known names would grace this new video, especially since it serves the double duty of raising donations while also increasing safety awareness.

Even those who don't fly British Airways can donate to Flying Start or assist in fundraising. The joint effort has raised over £16,256,000 (over $21 million USD) so far, and that amount is sure to grow by leaps and bounds now. The safety video will surely help raise awareness of the charity effort, potentially helping children all around the world. And who knows... the video and its stars may even make frequent flyers more aware of the safety procedures they need to know as well.

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Source: British Airways

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