Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Celebrity Blacklist, Explained

Bravo producer and Real Housewives creator Andy Cohen explains Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen's mysterious celebrity blacklist.

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Blacklist

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen's extensive and mysterious celebrity blacklist has finally been explained. Here's why some stars are never allowed back to the Clubhouse.

Cohen is the creator and executive producer of Bravo's successful Real Housewives franchise, which documents the lives of affluent women living in cities all over the United States. As a spinoff of the series, Cohen hosts a late-night talk show, usually following episodes of The Real Housewives, called Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. In the cozy environment of "Andy's Clubhouse," as the host calls it, celebrities stop by to have a drink and share a little too much with the live studio audience. Games are played, songs are performed, and tea is spilled. But in the past, certain celebrities have been too much to handle. Cohen recently opened up about who is on the show's mysterious blacklist and how they got on there.

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Cohen revealed to AOL Lifestyle that there have been "a few people" banned from the late-night show and several others who they've deemed "not worth the trouble" of inviting back. While Cohen wouldn't name all their names, he explained that the stars were blacklisted because they had too many restrictions on what they would discuss - "you can't talk about this and you can't ask about that," Cohen said - or they were simply "too annoying" to ever welcome back. In the past, Cohen has admitted that Amber Rose and Jillian Michaels were two of the most "awful" guests. Rose "was not up for ... tomfoolery," Cohen said and Michaels left "very pissed off." He also said that he didn't think The X-Files actress Gillian Anderson "had a good time" on the show.


Another celebrity who most likely won't be asked back any time soon (and who would probably decline an invitation if given one) is Tituss Burgess (via: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen), who had some strong words for Cohen after his last appearance. Burgess called Cohen a "messy queen" after the host asked him about Eddie Murphy's history of making homophobic jokes. Burgess is starring in a new film, Dolemite Is My Name, alongside Murphy, and Cohen asked if the two of them had gotten close despite Murphy being "problematic with the gays" years ago. Burgess looked annoyed on camera, offering a curt answer, and reportedly stormed off set right after the interview.

Cohen insists his goal is to never piss anyone off; he just wants to ask the outside-the-box questions other late-night hosts aren't asking. Naturally, that's backfired once or twice. But despite the fact that there's a quickly growing blacklist, there are also plenty of celebrities who love going on Cohen's show -  they'll just have to be careful if they want an invite back.

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Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen airs Sunday - Thursday 11pm EST on Bravo.

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