Want to Watch The Fringe Tweet-Peat With The Stars?

This Thursday (9/3/09) night, episode 19 of season 1 of Fringe will be aired.  Yes, it's a repeat.  But there's a new twist to this episode.

We'll be seeing live commentary, behind the scenes bits and viewers questions answered via Twitter from cast and crew scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

Fox is calling it their "Tweet-Peat."

Those that will be twittering will be Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman who are the executive producers of Fringe and stars Joshua Jackson (who plays Peter Bishop) and John Noble ( who plays Walter Bishop).

The only down side is that the actors will only be tweeting during the Eastern timezone airing while the exec. producers will be tweeting throughout both.

The Fringe Twitter accounts you would look for to participate with are:

This sounds pretty interesting.  I have to wonder just how many people are going to hop on board and how hard it might be to get an question answered!?

Despite some of the obvious programming flaws we tend to note about Fox, this seems like an innovative idea.  Has anyone seen any other scripted drama TV series do this?  I haven't.

PS:  We have some images from the upcoming season of Fringe if interested.

Source: Fringe Television

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