Watch Dogs Legion Is Real: Ubisoft Teases Future-Set Sequel

Watch Dogs 3 Confirmed

Well, that didn't take long: Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs Legion is real, and the sequel is set in London's near-future. This official confirmation comes right off the tail-end of yesterday's Amazon listing leak, which exposed the game's existence, name, and setting before Ubisoft could unveil it to the world first at next week's E3.

It's long been rumored that a third Watch Dogs has been in development, with a small but compelling paper trail and slight hints from Ubisoft itself, fueling the speculative fire. After Amazon UK accidentally spilled the baked beans ahead of Ubisoft's E3 2019 presser, it was made known that Watch Dogs' next cyber crime spree will be set in London. Playing with the sensitive subjects of worsening mass surveillance and life after Brexit, Watch Dogs Legion will be giving the UK capital the same highly attentive treatment that San Francisco and Chicago received before it.

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With the wind slightly taken out of its sails, but still determined to keep interest high on the lead-up to E3, Ubisoft took to Twitter today to officially confirm that Watch Dogs Legion is a real game and that it'll be present at this month's press conference. The publisher had little else to say beyond "God Save the NPCs," likely trying to maintain some air of mystery and intrigue heading toward the game's imminent reveal. Though the witty tagline is cryptic, there's likely little to be read into it beyond the fact that Watch Dogs NPCs are often targeted by player technological savagery in ways that sometimes make the fates of Grand Theft Auto's AI victims seem lucky by comparison.

Aside from a loop of characteristically glitchy footage from one of London's plentiful and infamous CCTV cameras with the series logo hanging in the center, the Twitter announcement offered no new details or any first glimpse into what the game actually looks like. All things considered, this is a good move for Ubisoft to get out in front of the recent leak after gauging the sheer volume of hype that it instantly generated, and the studio continues to hold all of the cards despite having the privilege of revealing the game's central premise and setting taken by a clumsy retailer.

Now, Ubisoft needs to hit the ground running at their E3 press conference on June 10 with something substantial to demonstrate how Watch Dogs Legion will continue to set itself apart in the highly saturated open-world genre. That will preferably come in the form of gameplay closely resembling what players will be getting at launch and a release date or window, but either will likely be enough to satisfy franchise fans that have been waiting patiently to plunge back into the unique Watch Dogs universe.

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