Ubisoft AI Teases Watch Dogs 3 Is Coming

An Ubisoft-created AI has indicated that the video game company will be ready to announce Watch Dogs 3 at 2018's E3.

There was always a feeling that the first two Watch Dogs games only scratched the surface of what could easily be an ongoing series. As such, the news that a third game could be in development shouldn't be too shocking. Nevertheless, the latest news hints that Watch Dogs 3 is much further along than previously thought.

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Ubisoft created an AI known as Sam (its own version of Siri or Alexa) to help gaming fans when needed. Sam's beta kicked in at the start of the year and hasn't really done much until now. While Sam is only available in Canada at the moment, one clever fan asked it where Watch Dogs 3 was up to and prompted the following response (via EWarz):

Sam is just the latest in several coincidental titbits about Watch Dogs 3. April Fool's Day allowed players to hack into an admin console (just like Watch Dogs itself) on the Uplay site and listed a series of unreleased games. Although none could be deciphered, it started the ball rolling with Watch Dog 3 rumors. Later, the official Watch Dogs Twitter account briefly shared a post ("This is Everything") thought to be a play on the franchise's “Everything is connected” motto. Could Sam's wise words be enough to move this from the "maybe" pile to "confirmed"?

With its tech-savvy take on the 21st Century, Watch Dogs was a wholly unique premise when it first hit consoles in 2014 and broke Ubisoft records around the globe. The sequel was widely regarded as better than the original and left a cliffhanger ending that teased London as a possible location for a third game. While Sam doesn't reveal any details on where Ubisoft could take the series next, it may well be the start of a viral marketing campaign for Watch Dogs 3. Given that the games are known for hacking technology, it makes perfect sense that an announcement would be hiding in some forgotten Ubisoft AI.

Remembering that Watch Dogs was one of the first titles that helped launch the Xbox One and the PS4, it seems only right that No.3. finds a place in 2018's already impressive array of gaming entries. Ubisoft previously announced that four AAA games were coming in the next year, with the community guessing that The Division 2 and Watch Dogs 3 would join the already-announced The Crew 2 and Skull & Bones. There is still no official confirmation, but watch out for Watch Dogs 3 at this year's E3.

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Source: EWarz

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