Some Watch Dogs 3 Info That Hints At A Next-Gen Release

Watch Dogs - Aiden

New evidence suggests that Watch Dogs 3 could be a next-gen console release. The action-adventure franchise launched in 2013 with Watch Dogs, a title that follows the adventures of Aiden Pearce, a hacker who gets caught hacking into ctOS, which results in the death of his niece. After, he swears vengeance on ctOS and everyone involved with it.

In the title, Aiden uses his smartphone to hack into traffic lights, security systems, cell phones and other technologies in a vast open-world version of Chicago. That game proved so successful that discussions immediately began to adapt it into a film written by the writers of Zombieland. It also launched a second game, Watch Dogs 2, which released in 2016 and introduced a new protagonist and city, San Francisco. The sequel received mostly positive reviews, with fans immediately beginning to demand a third entry into the franchise. In 2018, an AI developed by publisher Ubisoft admitted that Watch Dogs 3 was not finished, but did promise that it was on the way.

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Now, there is new evidence to not only support the existence of Watch Dogs 3 but to also suggest that a new entry into the franchise could appear on next-generation consoles. Skullzi TV found a pending application for a trademark by Ubisoft for Watch Dogs as a new trademark filing. Ubisoft already has Watch Dogs trademarked, so the new application for the title suggests that this trademark filing could be for new consoles.

It's no secret that many developers have already started to develop games for the PlayStation 5, which means they're probably also starting to work on titles for Xbox Project Scarlett. Rumors are already circulating about both consoles, their specs and features, and many industry professionals expect official announcements about the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett to arrive soon.

One thing is for sure: Ubisoft will not release a new Assassin's Creed game in 2019, so that leaves the year open to other big releases from the publisher. Many initially believed that Ubisoft would release Watch Dogs 3 this fall, but this trademark application suggests otherwise. Next-generation consoles are indeed on the way, so does that mean that Watch Dogs 3 will get a release in Fall 2020 instead? With current-gen consoles at the end of their life cycles, it makes sense to wait until the new ones have released, and Watch Dogs 3 is a title that could help sell units for both Sony and Microsoft.

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Source: Skullzi TV

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