Watch Dogs 2: How to Unlock the Jurassic Park Jeep

Watch Dogs 2 Jurassic Park Jeep

Watch Dogs 2 is, like many open world games, stuffed full of exciting Easter eggs and hidden gems that you’ll only be able to find if you’ve got a keen eye for the details. Fortunately, those avid gamers who did go above and beyond to discover these sorts of things aren’t selfish with their finds, instead sharing the information online so that players all over the world can share in the excitement.

One of the most-recent Easter eggs to be discovered in Watch Dogs 2 is a jeep that looks VERY similar to the one from the Jurassic Park movies (although there’s a DedSec logo on the side rather than the logo for the deadly dinosaur theme park). Though gaining access to the vehicle isn’t the most difficult task you’ll come across in the game, narrowing down exactly where it’s located is the biggest trouble.

Hidden inside a gated area that you’ll only be able to access with the RC car, following this step-by-step guide should see you swiftly on your way to getting behind the wheel of one of the most famous jeeps in the world…

Watch Dogs 2 Jurassic Park Jeep


You’ll have to make your way to the North-East side of the map in the Oakland area of the city before doing anything else. Get to Lakeside Park and then go right across the street to find the gated area housing the jeep.


For those of you who have the spring jump ability for the RC car unlocked, this should really be a piece of cake. All you’ll need to do is ‘borrow’ a car from a bystander or hack into one that’s been parked up, drive it to the gated area and park it in front of the gate itself. Then, using your RC car, hop onto the top of the car up against the gate, then hop once more into the gated area. You’ll then be able to hack the gate controls on the garage using the red box.


If you’re without the spring jump ability for your RC car, you’ll have to instead navigate the nearby rooftops before dropping into the gated area. The hacking of the gate controls is still incredibly simple, but this method is the more difficult of the two. The spring jump ability for the RC car can be super helpful within the campaign’s missions, so spending a few research points on the ability may not be the worst idea you’ve ever had.


Once you’re in the Jurassic Park-influenced jeep, make sure you give the horn a try. If you’re a big fan of the films, you won’t be disappointed when you hear the earth-shaking dinosaur roar that comes out and see your screen shaking.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: PS4Trophies (via Game Rant)

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