• Warrior actor Hoon Lee is excited by the show's contemporary dialogue and tone despite it being a period drama. 1 / 7

    Hoon Lee Warrior Cinemax Vertical
  • The martial arts series is nearing the end of season 1, but the Banshee actor thinks succeeded in being an entertaining series. 2 / 7

  • The series revolves around Ah Sahm, as he weaves his way through 19th century San Francisco, trying to find his sister. 3 / 7

  • Lee plays Wang Chao, a man with his hands in everyone's business, which isn't too far from his role as Job in Banshee. 4 / 7

    Hoon Lee Warrior Vertical
  • Lee also promises that the second season will expand on the story and the world of Warrior in ways that will excite fans. 5 / 7

    Andrew Koji and Jason Tobin in Warrior Cinemax Vertical
  • Season 2 of Warrior is already filming, putting it on track to hit Cinemax next year. 6 / 7

    Andrew Koji Warrior Cinemax Vertical
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