• Cinemax's Warrior is based on an original idea from Bruce Lee. 1 / 7

    Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon Vertical
  • It was an eight-page treatment for a series in which he was intended to star. 2 / 7

  • Though that series never came to fruition, Jonathan Tropper used the treatment to create Warrior. 3 / 7

  • He found he was able to create a much larger world than he initially thought possible. 4 / 7

    Andrew Koji and Jason Tobin in Warrior Cinemax Vertical
  • Bringing in characters other than Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) to expand the story considerably. 5 / 7

    Andrew Koji Vertical
  • The result is a series that maintains Bruce Lee's philosophy but aims to entertain beyond those original ideas. 6 / 7

    Andrew Koji Warrior Cinemax Vertical
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