Warren Beatty To Direct & Star In New Comedy

Hollywood icon Warren Beatty has certainly led an interesting life - both personally and as an Oscar-winning writer, director, and screen star. The 73-year-old fellow also hasn't worked on a film to any degree since he appeared in the infamously expensive flop Town & Country in 2001.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Beatty revealed that he's developing a sequel to his 1990 comic strip adaptation, Dick Tracy - and now reports are in that he's settled a deal with Paramount for him to direct, produce, and star in another new feature that he scripted as well.

Details on the new Beatty project are scarce, but it appears that the film will be a comedy - one that Paramount CEO Brad Grey described to Deadline as being "quintessential Beatty, elegantly written and wonderfully entertaining." That's an enticing description for cinemaphiles, who've long been holding out hopes that Beatty would eventually get back in the moviemaking game since he helmed the political satire Bulworth back in 1998.

Beatty as an actor is best known for his turns in Hollywood classics like Bonnie and Clyde, McCabe & Mrs. MillerShampoo, and Bugsy, among others. He's only directed four films (Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Dick Tracy, and Bulworth) over the course of his 50+ year career, so it's always been considered a special occasion when he decides to get behind the camera.

How long exactly Beatty has been planning this new project of his is anyone's guess - as is the matter of whether or not his skills as a filmmaker have become rusty over the past decade. On the other hand, Terence Malick (Tree of Life) went twenty years without writing or directing a film when he returned to the art of cinema with The Thin Red Line - so don't count out Beatty just yet.

warren beatty talks dick tracy 2 and blu-ray
Madonna and Beatty in 'Dick Tracy' mode

Assuming Beatty has caught the filmmaking bug, that could increase the likelihood of something like Dick Tracy 2 actually coming to fruition soon as well. Depending on your feelings about that old-school comic adaptation (it seems to have its fair share of both detractors and ardent supporters), that's either encouraging or terrifying to hear. We'll have to wait and see if it actually pans out, though.

In the meantime, we'll let you know when Beatty's next film has an official title.

Source: Deadline

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