WarnerMedia Boss Claims HBO Shows Are Superior To Netflix

The head of WarnerMedia claims that shows on HBO are superior to shows on Netflix. That statement arrived nearly nine months after one of the biggest studio deals in history when AT&T purchased Time Warner, as well as all its subsidiaries. The $85.4 billion deal resulted in the company reorganizing itself and creating WarnerMedia, which consists of assets such as HBO, Warner Bros. WarnerMedia Entertainment News & Sports as well as 10 percent ownership of Hulu.

WarnerMedia announced that it would launch a new streaming service in 2019, although details about that streaming service are scarce, save for that it will include WarnerMedia movies and TV shows. The company has not yet announced pricing for its service, nor has it made any announcements about that service offering new original content. Shortly before revealing its streaming service, WarnerMedia shut down FilmStruck, a streaming site focused on hard to find classic films, including international offerings. HBO still falls under the WarnerMedia umbrella, which also has its own streaming subscription service.

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According to The Playlist, WarnerMedia head Bob Greenblatt told NBC News that HBO's original programming is better than what Netflix offers. He said:

“We have the best television on earth, and that’s HBO. What we’re trying to do is preserve the quality and elegance of what HBO has been doing for 40 years and at the same time increase its output to a reasonable degree that doesn’t affect the quality and elegance and beauty.”

Greenblatt went on to say that HBO has a strong brand, where Netflix doesn't have one at all. He compared Netflix to Encyclopedia Britannica, stating that Netflix is "a place to go where you can get anything." Although that hardly sounds like an insult, Greenblatt's point is that HBO provides quality over quantity. However, these comments will probably not bother Netflix much: the company has so much confidence in its original content it recently canceled all its Marvel series to focus on new shows, such as The Umbrella Academy. Netflix also recently opened new studios in Toronto, Canada, in an expansion that will help the company add over 250 original productions to the 229 already available on the service.

Netflix is also expected to spend a lot of money on original programming in 2019, potentially up to $15 billion. Its shows are also highly successful: The Umbrella Academy is currently the biggest digital series in the U.S. Sure, HBO has Game of Thrones, but with that show ending in 2019, but it remains to be seen what HBO ca offer to continue to compete in a growing digital environment. And what the WarnerMedia service can offer that makes it a better investment than Netflix, who has far many more years of experience with its streaming subscription model.

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Source: The Playlist

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