WarnerMedia Streaming Service Launching With Content From TNT, TBS & More

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The WarnerMedia subscription streaming service will launch with content from TNT, TBS, Adult Swim and more. WarnerMedia first announced that it had plans to start a subscription streaming service in 2018 that would include the company's library of television shows and movies, as well as potentially some original content.

WarnerMedia followed that announcement with another announcement it would shut down its FilmStruck streaming service, which gave viewers access to international and independent classic movies. It's unclear whether those movies will make their way to the new streaming service or not. However, WarnerMedia does expect to compete in an increasingly crowded streaming market by offering original content, including an animated Gremlins series that is already in the development stage. That series would focus on Mr. Wing and Gizmo's early years.

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WarnerMedia has announced, though, that its beginning strategy with the streaming service will focus on existing content. According to Decider Managing Editor Alex Zalben, WarnerMedia will launch in 2019 with content from TBS, TNT, TRUTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and CNN with a plan to start offering original content in 2020.

WarnerMedia has not yet announced a price for its streaming subscription service, but it is entering a packed market that is becoming even more crowded. Although Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are currently the holy trinity of paid streaming services, others have recently entered the fray, including CBS All Access and DC Universe. Disney+ launches later this year with its massive library of existing television shows and movies, but will also have original series based on Marvel and Star Wars. Even NBCUniversal recently announced its own streaming service, although the company plans to offer it for free and support it with advertising.

Although cord cutters have often cited needing more a la carte television programming options that allow them to pick and choose what shows and networks they want to watch, it is now becoming apparent that too many streaming services might not necessarily be what they wanted. Consumers are growing increasingly frustrated with the number of services available, especially considering this means they'll have to subscribe to more services to watch what they want. Subscription fatigue is a real threat that these companies will have to consider. Not everyone will survive what will ultimately become the streaming wars, and it's no real big secret that the big guns, such as Netflix and Disney+, will always come out on top.

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Source: Alex Zalben

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