Warner Bros. To Produce Bone Movie

What is Bone?

It's the most successful indie comic book series, and probably one of my favorite trade paperback collections (or, I guess if you want to call it that, a graphic novel) of all time. I rate it up there with Iron Man: Armor Wars, Watchmen, and almost anything featuring Batman in the "looking awesome" department.

Anyway, Bone tells the story of three cousins (Fone, the hero; Phoney, the greedy one; and Smiley, the easy-going, not-so-smart one) who are run out of town after one of Phoney's schemes backfires. They end up in a valley where they meet the beautiful human Thorn and her Grandma, Ben. It's a huge, epic adventure that is very similar to Lord of the Rings and other great movies, books, you name it.

So now Warner Bros. wants to produce either a live action or animated version of it for the big screen, and I couldn't be happier. After a visit to creator Jeff Smith's site (, I learned on the message board a couple of years ago that at one point Nickelodeon was producing the film, but they wanted a pop song from a la Britney Spears or something, and Smith walked.

Good move.

Anyway, I started reading the black and white indie comics in 1993, because I had heard so many great things about it. I bought trade paperbacks (graphic novels) of around 7-8 issues, and instantly fell in love. Three TPBs equals one part of the "trilogy," I believe. You should really pick up the books, which are being re-released in color. Or you can buy the One Volume Edition, which is the cheapest route. It's in glorious black and white.

I bought the OVE back in 2005 and finished reading the book that way, and read it again last year. Heck, this news makes me want to re-read it one more time! It's that great! Do yourself a favor and read Bone. There's also a video game.

I'm an up-and-coming filmmaker, and my two biggest dream projects were to direct movie versions of Iron Man and Bone. I'm just happy that Iron Man is kicking butt with Jon Favreau directing, and I hope WB does Bone justice (make it animated, please!).

I'm excited about Bone the movie, and I hope after reading it, you will be, too.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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