Warner Bros. Acquires Secret Genre Project From 'Bourne 4' Writer

With Inception making a big splash at the box office, it's no wonder studios are turning to original and unique ideas to try and replicate the success of Christopher Nolan's latest. The most up-to-date example of that is an untitled genre project from Josh Zetumer, the writer previously hired to pen the script for both Bourne 4 and the Dune reboot.

Although details for the project are understandably being kept under wraps for the time being, we do know - thanks to Heat Vision - that it will have some sort of genre element to it (although it's explicitly stated it won't be sci-fi). That description can really mean anything beyond drama and comedy, although it usually means the type of thing you'd see at Comic-Con.

Despite this project being very secretive at this point, it is described as "star-driven" (does that mean they have stars in mind or it's written to be suitable for big names in the leads?) and hard to pigeon-hole as far as the plot goes - "You can't put it in a box," said one studio insider.

Although it's no more than an original pitch at this point, WB picked up the project straight away, "in the room." Not only will Zetumer write it,  Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer will exec produce. Zetumer's managers, Guymon Casady and Darin Friedman, helped develop the idea and will also produce.

Zetumer is a pretty in-demand screenwriter in Hollywood right now. Beyond the aforementioned Bourne 4 and Dune (although both projects have had newer writers come aboard), Zetumer has also written The Infiltrator, a spy drama also set up at Warner Bros., which has Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star.

inception original idea

Speaking of Mr. DiCaprio, as I mentioned up top it's no surprise to see that studios are turning to fresh material to hopefully spin successful films out of. Inception just proved the point that studios don't always have to base movies on established franchises, brand names, books or old films and TV shows. You can start with an original idea (even if it's similar in ways to other properties, as Inception is) and that project can still turn out to be successful. If the quality is high enough and it's marketed right, then any project has the potential to be a success.

Personally, I'm always up for films that can't really be described one way or another, the kind you have to experience for yourself to really "get."It's hard to really look forward to a project we know virtually nothing about, but I'm certainly going to keep my eye on this one. You be sure to do the same by checking back with us.

Source:  Heat Vision

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