Warner Bros Boss Talks 'Wonder Woman'; Classic Costume Revealed

Last week's frenzy of pilot pickups and cancellations was largely a windfall for Warner Bros. Television, with the notable exception of NBC's Wonder Woman pilot. CEO Peter Roth spoke out on the gains and the losses; also, a possible third "classic" Wonder Woman costume has been revealed.

Easily the project with the biggest mindshare this spring, Wonder Woman was full of promise when NBC ordered the pilot early this year. But after starlet Adrianne Palicki was cast, a series of ill-fated leaks and reveals gained the ire of Wonder Woman fans and critics alike, not the least of which was her much-maligned costume. NBC abandoned the pilot earlier in May.

"I think Wonder Woman was a very well-crafted pilot," said Roth, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. The series would have been produced by Warner Bros., which owns the DC Comics company and the rights to all its characters. He went on to say:

But after seeing the announcement of the NBC schedule, I now understand and agree with Bob [Greenblatt, NBC executive] that it doesn’t necessarily fit particularly well with their schedule. As well-crafted and contemporized as it was, it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea -- and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn’t make it.

Roth also offered a small nugget of hope for the Wonder Woman faithful. When asked about the show appearing on another network, he would neither confirm nor deny the possibility.

To be determined. I’m just not sure yet; we haven’t given it a lot of thought.

For those who cried foul at the Amazonian Princess wearing long pants, have a gander at this new photo from the abandoned pilot. The photo comes from Facebook and features actor Joseph Gatt alongside the title character in costume. The short shorts are almost certainly the third Wonder Woman costume that Robert Greenblatt alluded to last month.

The spiffy new bottom appears to be the only significant modification from the revised costume Palicki and a stuntwoman sported during filming in Los Angeles. With the addition of the star-spangled shorts, Palicki is the spitting image of her comic book counterpart, and not that far off from Lynda Carter's legendary look in the 1970s Wonder Woman.

So, what are the odds of seeing Wonder Woman lasso a new job on another network? I'd put it at somewhere between "slim" and "none."


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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