Warner Bros. Wants A Lot More Batman Movies

The wheels of a sequel to The Dark Knight have only barely started turning, and yet Warner Bros. has already set its sights a bit further on than that.

Word is they are hoping for the newly rejuvenated Batman franchise to pull a Harry Potter and have sequel after sequel.

WB CEO Jeff Bewkes spoke out today on the company's hopes for multiple sequels:

"We look at Harry Potter. It's fantastic to have franchises that last that long. We want to do that with Batman and Superman and perhaps Sherlock Holmes. The sequels are as good, with new characters added, as were the originals. That wasn't the case in the years ago. Warners has more tentpoles as an on-going strategy that very much lifts its distribution and performance. We think that's going to hold up our slate in the 2009 - 2010 period. We've got four more big tentpoles coming this year."

Now I know it may be a bit of an obvious piece of news that Warner Bros. wants sequels to one of the most financially successful movies of all time - but at least we have confirmation from the horse's mouth now that they have official hopes and plans for more films.

I think it's fair to guess that Christopher Nolan will sign on to direct Batman 3 and that he'll call it quits after that. I've let it be known before I think this is a good idea; I think making a quality trilogy is a fantastic contribution to the legacy of the character on the big screen and we then can get a fresh director on-board for the fourth film to put their mark on the franchise.

And who could that next director be? Well it's certainly a thinker, but our good friends over at /Film have put forth Zack Snyder as a possibility. They remind us that he has expressed interest in filming The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel (in case you don't know that's the one where Batman is 50-plus years old and fights Superman at the end - Imagine that happening on the big-screen!) and author Frank Miller has given his blessing.

I think Snyder is a great choice to pick up the reigns after Nolan leaves the franchise - it most likely would mean a more stylish approach than we've gotten from Nolan but I think that's a good thing. Do you really want Snyder to just make it dark and brooding like Nolan just for the sake of it? And after all it looks like Snyder has probably done a fantastic job with faithfully and successfully bringing Watchmen to cinematic life; I think that gets him a lot of respect and a real shot and being the next Batman director. I would be really interested in seeing what a Zack Snyder Batman movie would look like.

So are you happy that there are plans for a lot more Batman sequels? And do you think Snyder would do a good job, if not then who could you see direct instead?

Source: /Film

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