Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Responds to WB Wanting Green Lantern's Ring Back

Deadpool Wearing Green Lantern Ring

Given how poorly received the 2011 Green Lantern movie was by both critics and audiences, it was highly unlikely that Ryan Reynolds was going to return to play test pilot turned superhero Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie. That bridge seems to have officially been burned in the wake of Warner Bros. request that the Deadpool 2 star return his Green Lantern ring as well as Reynolds' predictably sarcastic response.

Of all the critics of the Green Lantern movie, Ryan Reynolds has been one of the loudest and most outspoken. Reynolds was quite open about the making of the movie being unpleasant, apart from it introducing him to his future wife, Blake Lively. In fact, Reynolds found the whole experience so unbearable that he still hasn't watched Green Lantern's final cut to this day. And even though Warner Bros. knows they made a mistake with Green Lantern, they can't help but joke about the failure either.

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Given that, it's not surprising that Reynolds' response was so venomous when the official Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Twitter account sent him a message demanding the return of his Green Lantern Power Ring. Take a look:

Ignoring Warner Bros. desire to move on with the DC Extended Universe, which officially started with 2013's Man of Steel, Reynolds would not be in any position to take part in another Green Lantern movie even if he were inclined to do so. Deadpool 2 is shaping up to be a major success, having already set an opening day record for an R-rated film in the United States. That would likely push Reynolds to focus on the upcoming X-Force film and a possible Deadpool 3, ignoring his well-noted fondness for those characters and the Deadpool franchise being his personal passion project. Reynolds is also busy with pre-production work on his remake of the 1985 classic comedy Clue and will be providing the voice of the title character in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, among other projects that he might have brewing.

Beyond the fact that the Deadpool 2 star won't be involved with it, details are few and far between about the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie. There has been some speculation that Tom Cruise - long a favorite to portray the hot-shot pilot Hal Jordan due to his playing a similar character in the classic action/drama Top Gun - might portray an older but wiser Hal Jordan in the upcoming DC Extended Universe films. It's an idea that Cruise is reportedly open to exploring. But, for now, it seems that Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds have (humorously) parted ways.

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