Aquaman & The Flash Movies Moving (Sort of) Forward

The Hollywood Reporter recently did an extensive report on some of the new projects that DC Comics and partner Warner Bros. have in the works. There was mention of an Adam Strange movie, a Teen Titans project and even talk of two Green Arrow films - but the two biggest nuggets of news had to do with progress that is (sort of) being made on the big-screen adaptations of Aquaman and The Flash.



According to the report, DC Comics writer Geoff Johns recently did a new treatment for a Flash movie, which was previously scripted by Dan Mazeau. Johns has been writing The Flash comic book series since 2000 and was also responsible for such notable (comic book) events such as the return of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern in 2005; re-launching the Teen Titans in 2003; and he even did some work on the book JSA with a guy named David S. Goyer you might know. Suffice to say: Geoff Johns knows his way around the DC universe.

It's also ironic to hear that he's helping to bring Flash to the big-screen: Johns has recently been busy with Flash on the comic book page, working to bring back fan-favorite "silver age" Flash, Barry Allen - who, might I add, could be the very character Warner Bros. uses for The Flash movie, especially since Ryan Reynolds (the top fan-nominated candidate to play "modern day" Flash, Wally West) has already signed-on to play Green Lantern/Hal Jordan.

I expect DC/Warner Bros. will be showing Barry Allen a lot of love in the near future. It's awesome to hear a proven comic book vet like Geoff Johns is a the center of it all.



We saw it on Entourage and it looked pretty awesome; then we saw it again on the CW's blink-and-it's-gone TV pilot (which became a cult-hit-download); now we're finally getting word on the Aquaman feature film.

Reportedly Aquaman is "in production" over at Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production company. I only use the quotes because a quick look at the company's extensive roster of films-in-the-works pretty much places Aquaman (for me at least) in the "believe-it-when-I-see-it" category.

Don't get me wrong: I hope Appian Way is really moving ahead with an Aquaman film, because if DC/WB wants to do things "The Marvel Way" and start building their superhero properties toward bigger joint paydays, then after The Green Lantern hits in 2011 they need to start getting other second-tier heroes like Flash, like Aquaman out on the big-screens. Especially if Chris Nolan is still on the fence about another Batman film, while Superman might slip out of DC/WB's grasp next year.

IMHO, It's time for DC/WB to officially go to the benches. Let's hope we hear more about both Aquaman and The Flash in the near future.

Sources: Slash Film, Beyond Hollywood & THR

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