WB Abu Dhabi Theme Park Includes Green Lantern & Justice League Rides

An Abu Dhabi based theme park built around Warner Bros. properties is arriving later this year, where fans will be able to enjoy Green Lantern and Justice League rides. When Islands of Adventures opened in Central Florida in the late '90s, Marvel fans got a chance to experience rides and attractions based on some of their favorite characters. Thanks to the theme park rights being under Universal Studio's control, the park still stands while Disney has been forced to use various loopholes to bring Marvel characters to their own parks. Of course, that hasn't stopped rides like Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout from gong live at Disney's various theme parks.

Aside from rides like the Superman rollercoaster at Six Flags, DC fans haven't had the same luck in getting to see their favorite superhero properties become interactive attractions. Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi will change all that, by including attractions like themed lands based around Gotham City and Metropolis. For fans living far from the United Arab Emirates, of course, the announcement wasn't much of a consolation. However, if the park does well overseas, perhaps a version of it will come to the States eventually.

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EW has fresh concept art and details for Warner Bros. World, which is set to open later this year. The park will include 6 themed lands, with two being announced today as based on DC Comics and other WB cartoon properties. You can head to EW to check out concept art for Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry rides, but below you can get your first look at the Green Lantern and Justice League attractions at the park.

Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey is a 4-D ride that features the peacekeepers from Oa, while Justice League: Warworld Attacks will be a 5-D ride where attendees can 'help' the League do battle against Mongul. Additionally, the DC land will feature experiences involving Superman (seen battling Braniac in the image up top) and the Teen Titans.

On top of the announced sections of the DC land, the previously mention Gotham experience is sure to be included. After all, Batman has remained one of DC's most universally bankable characters. Meanwhile, Tom & Jerry's Swiss Cheese Spin will be a themed roller coaster and Scooby Doo: The Museum of Mysteries will be a "scarier" ride. Cartoon Junction will also include other iconic Hanna-Barbera and Looney Toons characters, which should easily best Islands of Adventure's newspaper comic strip land.

As Warner Bros. steps into the them park world in a larger capacity, other studios are also increasing their presence. The massive Pandora: The World of Avatar opened last year, bringing the Fox franchise to Disney park-goers. Of course, if the Disney/Fox deal goes through, Avatar will be right at home. The issue of theme park rights, meanwhile, will keep one of WB's biggest franchises out of their new park, as Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure is home to the incredibly popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter. For now, however, the themed DC lands will make WB World quite the draw.

Source: EW

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