Warcraft International Trailer #2: Dark Forces Are Upon Us

Leading up to the theatrical release later this June of Warcraft from cult-hit writer/director Duncan Jones (Source Code), viewers are no doubt eager to see how well the much respected genre filmmaker will fare in his ambitious adaptation of the popular MMORPG from video game developer Blizzard Entertainment. Despite Jones' obvious enthusiasm for the production behind the scenes, the latest footage released on the behalf of distributor Universal Pictures has been largely in keeping with past fantasy epics, even as its arresting display of special effects remarkably uphold the core aesthetic design of the original gaming property.

For better or for worse, Warcraft looks to be in keeping with the grand scope of its depicted fantasy empire, meaning that Azeroth will soon be a known province for film fans as well as hardcore gamers. Regarding the inherent value of such a cinematically realized province, the latest international trailer doesn't hold back when it comes to further establishing the dark forces soon to come from the Legendary Entertainment production.

In the new trailer featured above, a Japanese voice-over narration and subtitled characters greets international viewers with much of the same depicted sequences and scenarios released thus far domestically. Granted, much of the depicted drama and embroiled combat between the human-led Alliance and Orc horde appear a little less frantically composed this time around, thus allowing the surrounding battle to be leant more gravitas than previously intimated.

Warcraft Orc Still

There isn't that much more to be gleaned in terms of thematic content, tone, or explicit plot from this second international trailer, but the proceedings depicted do feel a little more emotionally grounded and concerned with the computer generated vistas and characters of Warcraft than any one of the U.S. distributed trailers or TV spots have done so far. It still remains to be seen how well the film ultimately performs with general audiences this Summer, but everything looks to be pretty well put into place at this stage in the game on the side of post-production.

Perhaps the greatest challenge that Warcraft has yet to face will be the first round of critical reactions to the film proper, followed by the fallout of its big-budget attempt at bringing yet another revered video game property to the big screen. Following the potential success or failure of Jones' latest opus, only time will tell how well director Justin Kurzel's likeminded Assassin's Creed will fare come this December.

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Warcraft will open in U.S. theaters on June 10th, 2016.

Source: Universal Pictures

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