Warcraft Movie Merchandise Revealed at Blizzcon 2015

Warcraft poster; trailer on Friday

BlizzCon 2015 will be the place to be for those movie goers eagerly anticipating the new feature film Warcraft. The film's first full-length trailer will premiere at the multi-media event held by video game developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment, creator the original MMO, World of Warcraft, from which the project has been adapted. Coming from co-writer and director Duncan Jones, of Moon and Source Code acclaim, the new film has already seen the release of its first theatrical poster, in addition to teaser footage ahead of the production's primary coming attraction.

Going in to BlizzCon, Jones has defended his film against a presumed video game movie curse. The director is verifiably certain his sensibilities will give rise to a worthwhile film based in part a video game. In addition to further footage from the Legendary Pictures production, attendees of BlizzCon 2015 can also expect the unveiling of certain other immediately procurable movie tie-in items.

According to an official press release, BlizzCon 2015 congregants can expect to witness the introduction of the first line of officially licensed movie merchandise. Products to be revealed tomorrow on the third floor of the convention center will include mass-market toys and action figures, various high-end collectibles, jewlery, consumer electronics, premium apparel, and publishing materials. All items will be available to purchase, with some select pieces available for pre-order only, with the entire collection having been manufactured by various affiliated distributors.

Fans of the beloved, world-wide phenomenon franchise can rest assured that everything has been manufactured with the utmost attention to exacting authenticity. Legendary Pictures CMO, Emily Castel, had the following to say regarding the first line of movie products:

"For us, it always starts with the fans, and BlizzCon is the epicenter of Warcraft fandom. We are really excited to finally show off the amazing partners and products we have lined up in support of the movie."

See a few of the featured items from the first collection below:

Warcraft Doorhammer
Doomhammer Pendant from RockLove and WETA
Warcraft King Llane Sword and Shield
Weta 1/6th scale King Llane Shield and Sword
Warcraft Lion Ring
Alliance Lion Ring from RockLove and Weta
Warcraft Orgrim Figurine
Orgrim in 1:6th scale by 3D Systems and Gentle Giant

As the world continues to eagerly await the release of the first trailer for the film, fans attending the convention in Anaheim, California tomorrow will be in for an obvious added bonus in being among the first to peruse the initial line of official movie merchandise. As for the rest of us, we can expect to fervently replay the trailer online after its release, and subsequently await the film's June 2016 arrival in theaters.

Warcraft will see theatrical release in the U.S. on June 10th, 2016.

Sources: Legendary Pictures/Universal Pictures/Blizzard Entertainment/Atlas Entertainment

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