Warcraft Trailer #2: Unstoppable Heroes Unite

Standing as perhaps the most eagerly anticipated feature film video game adaptation of 2016, save for Assassin's Creed from director Justin Kurzel (Macbeth), is Warcraft from celebrated independent filmmaker Duncan Jones (Source Code). Based in no small part on the themes and visual style of video game developer Blizzard Entertainment's ever popular MMORPG Warcraft/World of Warcraft, Jones' new film is set to bring the fantasy world of Azeroth to stunning life in the depiction of an epic war between humans and orcs.

Based on the footage compiled in the first Warcraft theatrical trailer released in late 2015, Jones and producer Legendary Pictures appear primed to release a film to rival all of the man-hours spent by gamers the world over in the original fantasy property from Blizzard on PC. The latest official trailer from Legendary and distributor Universal Pictures offers even more reason for casual moviegoers to see the fantasy adventure, too.

Throughout the Warcraft footage featured above, even more derring intrigue, romantic peril, and captivating action from Jones' latest directorial outing is compiled together - as we watch several "unstoppable" heroes from the original Blizzard fantasy game series unite on the big screen. Most of the characters featured here also appeared in TV spots past for the film, but the new trailer for Warcraft offers plenty in the way of cinematic visual sequences - the kind that provide fair reason to believe in this latest attempt at adapting core gaming mechanics into a satisfying film narrative.

All that being said, it still remains to be seen how Warcraft fares under casual and critical scrutiny when the film finally sees theatrical release later this June, as many of its depicted fantasy vistas and epic action sequences still appear to be overly familiar with past success in the same film genre. Given director Peter Jackson's only too recent return to Middle Earth in The Hobbit trilogy, viewer enthusiasm for the new fantasy epic will be of crucial importance if Warcraft is to turn a profit - much less, prove successful enough to warrant a sequel.

With any luck, Warcraft will surprise everyone when it finally premieres around the world, and fans of the outstanding MMORPG from Blizzard will march in droves to see the latest cinematic offering from Jones and Legendary Pictures. There may still be something of an uphill battle in terms of attracting those moviegoers otherwise unfamiliar with the original video game series, but here's to hoping the new movie has the legs to become a lucrative feature franchise - pending audience approval of course.

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Warcraft will opens in U.S. theaters on June 10th, 2016.

Source: Legendary/Universal Pictures

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Warcraft Trailer #2: Unstoppable Heroes Unite